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LinkedIn Shutters Intro and Slidecast in Order to ‘Concentrate on Fewer Things’

Less than 4 months ago, LinkedIn launched a new email tool that looked pretty promising. They called it LinkedIn Intro, and it basically allowed users to opt-in to letting the company inject LinkedIn content (pictures, profile info, etc) into incoming emails. Although an interesting idea, we noted at the time that it had some security experts pulling their hair out. …

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Does LinkedIn Intro Give You ‘Shivers’ Or B2B Email Optimism?

LinkedIn launched a new email tool this week that is actually pretty innovative, and could have a significant impact on business to business email communications. Security experts are not sold on it, however, with one notable industry voice saying that from a security and privacy point of view, it “sends shivers down my spine.” The tool is called LinkedIn Intro, …

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LinkedIn LinkedInifies Your Email With Intro

LinkedIn unveiled a new email-related product called Intro today, making use of last year’s acquisition of Rapportive. Basically what it does is show you information about people you receive emails from so you can get a better idea of who they are – right in your inbox. Right now it’s just for iPhone, and utilizes the iPhone’s Mail app. “The …

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