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Google Book Scanning Legal Saga Continues Google Book Scanning Legal Saga Continues

Last month, Google announced that after seven years of litigation, the company finally reached a settlement with the Association of American Publishers regarding book scanning. The saga, however, is not over yet. On Friday, Google filed a brief in New …

Google Book Scans Get Unified With Web Search Google Book Scans Get Unified With Web Search

Google released its big list of 39 changes it made in May. One particularly interesting change deals with how Google handles results from the books it scans. The change says: Scoring and infrastructure improvements for Google Books pages in Universal …

Cornell University Joins Google Library Project
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Attending Cornell University as an undergrad will cost you around $17,000 per semester.  But if you just want to look through the school’s libraries, it’s free – some of their content will become available to everyone, thanks to an arrangement with Google’s Library Project.

Google Library Project Befriends Belgium

Ghent University is located in Ghent, which is a city in Flanders, which is a region in Belgium.  You probably recognized at least one or two of those names, but you’re sure to know this next one: Google.  And Google has just partnered with Ghent University.