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CES 2013: Lenovo Introduces The 27-Inch Tablet You Never Asked For CES 2013: Lenovo Introduces The 27-Inch Tablet You Never Asked For
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Tablets traditionally come in either 7 or 10-inch varieties. Anything even remotely bigger would be seen as insanity. Well, Lenovo is apparently insane as the company has introduced a massive tablet at CES. Lenovo today announced the IdeaCentre Horizon Table …

Lenovo Acquires Cloud Computing Company Stoneware Lenovo Acquires Cloud Computing Company Stoneware

Lenovo announced today that it has acquired cloud computing services company Stoneware Inc. Lenovo states that cloud computing solutions are now a key component of its product portfolio. The company expects the acquisition to speed along its offerings, particularly “the …

New ThinkPad X1 Carbon From Lenovo To Be Available This Month New ThinkPad X1 Carbon From Lenovo To Be Available This Month
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Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad X1 Carbon back in May, and the device will reportedly ship by the end of the month. No concrete release date has been announced, but it should be available soon enough, through Lenovo’s partners and Lenovo.com. …

Bing, Lenovo, DoSomething.org Really Want Teens to Not Be Lazy This Summer Bing, Lenovo, DoSomething.org Really Want Teens to Not Be Lazy This Summer

Bing continues its mission to get people #doing more as it has teamed up with Lenovo and DoSomething.org to launch “The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing,” a call to action for youngsters to get up off of their keisters and …

Lenovo Offers No-Contract Mobile Broadband Lenovo Offers No-Contract Mobile Broadband

Lenovo has announced Lenovo Mobile Access, a no-contract mobile broadband service that allows consumers to ditch MiFi subscriptions. All ThinkPad laptops that come with embedded mobile broadband connectivity will also come with Lenovo Mobile Access pre-installed. The service will be …

Lenovo Recalls Desktops Lenovo Recalls Desktops

Lenovo, cooperating with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced today a voluntary recall of ThinkCentre M70z and M90z desktop computers, due to a potential fire hazard. The CPSC has advised consumers to discontinue use of the recalled products as …

Stephen Hawking’s PC’s Are Personally Delivered By an Intel Engineer Stephen Hawking’s PC’s Are Personally Delivered By an Intel Engineer

The photo above is of Travis Bonifield, who works directly with Hawking, Rob Weatherly, who provides IT support for Hawking, and Sam Blackburn, Hawking’s grad assistant. And of course, Hawking himself. When you’ve defied the medical odds and lived 50 …

mSpot: We Have the “Holy Grail” of Mobile Movies mSpot: We Have the “Holy Grail” of Mobile Movies
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mSpot has announced what it is calling the “Holy Grail of Mobile Movies”. In other words: instant streaming and progressive downloads. It will first be offered on newly shipping Lenovo tablets. “While there is growing competition for streaming movies – …

Getting Olympic Content On Your Blog
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I just landed in Beijing and will be spending the next two weeks here as part of the promotional efforts for what I have previously called my dream project, helping Lenovo to promote its Voices of the Summer Games site that features 100 Olympic athletes blogging their journies to Beijing and experiences at the Olympics.

The InflectionPoint 2008 Conference

I just returned from the InflectionPont 2008 Conference down in San Diego.  What’s InflectionPoint?

Marketing Jobs Now Outsourced to India & China

There’s a disturbing side-effect that’s coming from the increased use of internet marketing – it can be done cheaper in China and India.

While advertising continues to bring us greater efficiencies and cheaper costs, it’s also driving our need for faster turnaround and rapid deployment. When you can test 100 ads online within a week, you need a solution that can keep up with that pace, without breaking the bank.

Lenovo To Launch $199 PC In China

Lenovo Group announced today that it would sell no thrills personal computers targeted at China’s large poor rural population starting at $199.

Google Loses Lenovo, Microsoft Comes Out Ahead

Today is the Ides of March – the same day that Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated so many years ago.  And although it’s not likely to go down in history in quite the same way, another betrayal has taken place – Lenovo has chosen Microsoft’s software (in place of Google’s) as its default search application.

Lenovo To Drop Linux?

Frank Kardonski, worldwide product manager of PC manufacturer Lenovo, made comments to the extent that the company will no longer offer Linux as an option.

New Tablet Lenovo Outed By the French

Warning: This could be just a rumor. Lenovo’s been pretty quiet about the inevitability of a move to include tablet computing capabilities into its recently released ThinkPad X60 line. But the bloggers at Core Duo say they’ve found the smoking gun.

Secret Lenovo Technology Tapes Revealed?

Lenovo may have seen a good spike in brand-awareness when they sponsored the Olympics, but if you want to win the hearts of the “mavens” and “connectors” you’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to marketing.

Lenovo Converts IBM Deal To Tablet Form

The ThinkPad X41 Tablet represents another attempt to gain market share for a write-screen device.

New Lenovo Tablet PC shows why Steve Jobs is switching to Intel

To understand why Steve Jobs fired IBM you need to look no further than the Lenovo Thinkpad T41 Tablet PC.

Lenovo Tablet Lightweight But Price-Heavy

The new maker of IBM personal computers has introduced the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC to the market on June 14.

Lenovo-IBM Deal Sees Completion

Lenovo has now completed the acquisition of IBM’s Personal Computing Division making it the third-largest PC company in the world.

Lenovo Gets $350 From Equity Firms

Lenovo announced an agreement with Texas Pacific, General Atlantic, and Newbridge Capital, to provide Lenovo with a US$350 million strategic investment for its acquisition of IBM’s PC business.

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