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Facebook Privacy Questioned By European Commission – Facebook Reacts Facebook Privacy Questioned By European Commission – Facebook Reacts
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It appears that the European Commission is preparing to crack down on Facebook. According to a report from the Telegraph earlier this week, the EC is planning to introduce a new directive that would actually ban targeted advertising on the site.

What is the Right Solution for Internet Tax? What is the Right Solution for Internet Tax?
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The Internet sales tax issue has been debated for a number of years, but the issue grew to a new level of intensity after the state of California signed into law a bill that required all online retailing sites to pay taxes on their affiliate advertising. This, of course, sparked a big dispute since many online retailers such as Amazon cut off their affiliate programs in the state.

California’s Amazon Tax Law Forces Affiliate Marketer to Move to Nevada California’s Amazon Tax Law Forces Affiliate Marketer to Move to Nevada
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After years of operating a successful comparison shopping site in California, Nick Loper recently had to shut down his business and move to another state to start over. Why? Loper was one of the affiliate marketing victims of the online sales tax law that California passed earlier this summer.

Analyst Weighs in on New Online Poker Bill, Expresses Optimism
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A new Internet gaming bill was recently introduced to the U.S. House that focuses specifically on poker. The Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection, and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2011, or H.R.2366, would regulate online poker and would create an interstate licensing program for Internet poker websites.

Google Lobbying Plus One: Nevada Legalizes Autonomous Cars Google Lobbying Plus One: Nevada Legalizes Autonomous Cars
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In case you’re still looking for futuristic flying cars, you may want to rest your gaze on the state of Nevada, thanks to some lobbying by Google. The state of Nevada has just passed legislation allowing the Nevada Department of …

CA Privacy Bill Defeated  – Big Win for Social Networks CA Privacy Bill Defeated – Big Win for Social Networks
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Although the Social Networking Privacy Act was a proposed state law in California, it received a lot of attention. The proposed bill would have impacted not only social networks like Facebook, but it would have also affected any Web company that connected people to the Internet, such as Google, eHarmony, and Match.com.

Texas Pulls “Groping Bill” After TSA Threatens Flight Shutdowns Texas Pulls “Groping Bill” After TSA Threatens Flight Shutdowns
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Score one for the federal government, I guess. The Texas Senate was forced to abandon their plans to pass a bill referred to as the “Groping Bill” after the Transportation Security Administration played the federal trump card. According to Forbes, …

Apple Adds Do Not Track Apple Adds Do Not Track

As the demand grows for consumer privacy on the internet, Apple Inc. is the latest company to take a step in the right direction.  They have added a Do Not Track option to the latest test version of their new …

Amazon Closes NC Affiliate Program, Before Vital Tax Legislation Vote

It appears as though Amazon’s email to affiliates regarding North Carolina’s pending taxes was not a bluff. I just received a follow-up email from the company saying it has decided to shut down its affiliate program in the state, as of today.

Facebook Supporting Legislation Fighting Sexual Predators

Facebook, Facebook. A year ago, it seemed we could hardly go a day without some newsworthy tidbit from the sweetheart of the social networking scene. These days, positive headlines—or any at all, since “ink is ink”—are much fewer and further between. But today, Facebook has two reasons to make the news: they’ve endorsed the new KIDS Act from the US federal government and they’re finally disbursing the fbFund for startups.

McCain Has A Drinking Problem

 Obama Has A Drinking Problem

Rep. Couch Feeling Heat from Ban on Anonymous Web Postings
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WebProNews previously reported how Kentucky State Representative, Tim Couch, proposed a bill that would not allow Kentuckians to comment anonymously on the Internet.

KY Rep. Seeks To Ban Anonymous Blogging
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First rule of politics for incumbents: During an election year, try not to highlight your general uselessness, especially if you share a name with a famous football player, because people will notice.

Second rule of politics for incumbents: If you go to the trouble to introduce a bill, be prepared to defend it until the bitter end, even if you know in your heart it will never pass, not in a million years, unless futility somehow becomes a desired legislative virtue.

New Jersey Bans Net Access For Sex Offenders
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No elected official is going to vote against something called "the KIDS Act," especially when it aims to curb sex offenders’ access to children online. It’s like voting against anti-kitten-punting legislation. In a perfect policy world, though, lawmakers would not just agree on terms, but would also address limitations.

French, Canadians, (Mark) Cuban Go After P2P

Torrents and peer-to-peer networks have had a rough couple of weeks lately. In addition to Cox and Comcast’s recent blocking of torrent sites, file-sharing has been under assault in France and Canada, not to mention from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Google Challenged On Patent Reform Stance

The latest contribution to the Google Public Policy blog, on the topic of patent reform and Google’s stance, received a pointed rebuttal from a Brookings Institution guest scholar.

Internet Hunting Makes Terrorism Easier?

It’s comforting to know the previous Congressional idiots were replaced by fresh Congressional idiots from the other side of the political fence. Really? This is the best we can do?

Senator Asks Web For Legislation Help

Something very cool is happening. Something historic. For the first time in American history the people are being directly consulted about legislation, and it’s being done via the Internet.

Doomsday Approaches For Web Radio
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Sunday, July 15, 2007. Remember that date if you’re an Internet radio fan. It could be the day independent stations go offline. The RIAA wants its money, and it wants it by Sunday.

House Passes Weak Spyware Bill

The I-SPY legislation that made it through the House of Representatives lacks consent provisions that could help protect consumers.

House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
Speaker Pelosi Queries Yahoo Answers
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Yahoo’s efforts at heightening awareness of global warming has drawn a question from a very high-profile person for the Yahoo Answers audience.

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