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Outdoor Furniture And Garden Additions For Spring

Ah, Spring! …is definitely not what it feels like yet. But that’s alright. If you live somewhere like I do (where you get about four seasons in four days), you’ve got to be ready for that window of windows-down-weather. While we wait with bated breath for barometers to predict an imminent future of sunshine and sixty-something degree weather, it’s the …

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LED Revenues Set to Nearly Double in Three Years

As energy efficiency becomes a concern for more homeowners, customers are turning to LEDs as an alternative to normal light bulbs. The global market for LED lighting is already in the billions per year, and a new report shows that the industry is on the verge of explosive growth. Market research firm IHS today revealed its prediction that the global …

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Watch the Empire State Building’s Fancy New LED Light Show

New York City’s famous landmark, the Empire State Building, is used to being lit up for events – Christmas, Election Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. But it’s never seen anything quite like this. The tower now has a new LED lighting system. “The state-of-the-art dynamic lighting system from PCK is unique to ESB and allows customized light capabilities from a …

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Phillips L Prize Bulb Goes On Sale On 4/22

The vaunted X prize programs have always made headlines. In 2007 the lesser known L Prize was launched with the goal of making a bulb to replace the standard, “incandescent” 60-watt bulb. The winner, and only entrant, was Netherlands-based Philips. Their entrant will be making it’s consumer debut this Sunday, April the 22nd, 2012 for $60 at several retailers such …

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CES 2012: Sony Can Not Stop Making New TVs

In the beginning was the LCD display, then technology brought forth the LED display. Sony is now introducing the Crystal LED display. Sony, never one to leave well enough alone, announced at CES the next-generation of televisions with the crystal LED display. The company is using a 55-inch prototype model to show off the new technology. The new display is …

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