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College Scholarships For League Of Legends Gamers

Play video games, get a $19,000 annual scholarship for college? The idea seems preposterous. However, in an age when gamers can earn a yearly six-figure salary playing the video game League of Legends, suddenly the thought doesn’t seem as crazy. Kurt Melcher, associate athletic director at Robert Morris University in Chicago and a gamer himself, came up with the idea …

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League of Legends American Express Cards Announced, Come With RP

League of Legends has quietly become one of the most popular games in the entire world. The MOBA has now gotten so big that mainstream credit card companies are looking to cash in on the phenomenon. American Express this week announced that it and Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, have joined forces to introduce League of Legends-themed …

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League of Legends is Getting a Professional eSports League

Riot Games, the developer behind the wildly popular League of Legends, has announced plans to create a professional gaming league around its title. Starting next year, the company will host a League of Legends Championship Series. The series will host professional League of Legends teams from all over the world. HD streaming broadcasts of live regular-season matches will be aired …

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DOTA: A History Of The Game [Infographic]

There’s no denying that Defense of the Ancients may be one of the most popular, if not the most popular, mods ever made. Most people equate the game with Warcraft III when the sub-genre known as MOBA blew up in the competitive PC gaming scene. Now everybody and their grandmother wants to make a DOTA-like game with League of Legends …

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League Of Legends Rally Against SOPA

One thing that can be said about the SOPA/PIPA bills is that it’s been effective at galvanizing factions of protesters of all types to come together against the them. Now it appears that the gamer legion is stepping into the fray. Riot Games, makers of the real-time strategy game League of Legends, joined the concert of opposition to SOPA/PIPA yesterday …

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