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Lawrence Lessig Discusses Political Reform At Reddit

If you are a fan of either enjoying or creating YouTube mashups with content developed by another artist to your heart’s fair-use content, Lawrence Lessig is a person you should really be aware of. Lessig is, perhaps, the most credentialed and articulate individuals regarding the freedom of expression, especially the kind expression the Internet allows. Aside from being a professor …

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Congressman, Open Access Guru Spar Over Internet Publishing

US Representative John Conyers (D-MI) is on the defensive regarding legislation that would prevent the public posting of taxpayer funded scientific research on the Internet. Opponents argue the bill is a step back for science and that the powers that be behind it are shilling for the paper publishing industry.

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On Trust and Net Neutrality

The Network Neutrality debate is, to understate it, heated. On one side are ideals, on the other side is money, which is not a new dichotomy in any sense, and both can be equally powerful motivators*. Also, while passion tends to color an issue (sometimes incorrectly), economic theory tends to mire subscribers in stubborn dogma.

Neither side wants to budge for fear of losing, or for fear of the embarrassment of choosing the wrong team.

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Obama Hijacks MySpace Page, Mails Howard Dean

Talk about mixed emotions. I like Barack Obama – at least, as seen on TV – and just when I started to like him more because of a letter he sent to Democratic National Convention Chair Howlin’ Howard Dean urging him to put debate video under public license, the Washington Post reports his campaign officers butting his biggest fan out of MySpace.

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