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Lark Voorhies: ‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Married to Alleged Gang Member, Mom Gets Restraining Order

Lark Voorhies, known best for her role as Lisa Turtle in Saved by the Bell, married alleged gang member Jimmy Green during a secret wedding in Las Vegas back in April, and now her mom, Patricia Voorhies, has taken out a restraining order against him. Lark Voorhies met Jimmy Green on Facebook. TMZ reports that Jimmy Green is a member …

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Lark Voorhies: Damn, What Happened To Lisa Turtle?

If you’re someone who grew up with Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell, then you probably are like me in that you have no idea what to make of her “transformation” in recent years. One minute she’s absolutely adorable. The next thing any of us know, Voorhies is virtually unrecognizable. If her bizarre physical transformation weren’t …

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Lark Voorhies’ Appearance Brings Back Mental Illness Rumors

Lark Voorhies shot to stardom in the late ’80s as Lisa Turtle on the hit sitcom Saved By The Bell, and has had continuous television and movie roles since the show ended in 1993. But in the last few years, her public appearances have been marred by odd interviews and questionable behavior, and rumors began circulating online in 2012 that …

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Lark Voorhies: Bipolar, Or Just “Spiritual”?

Lark Voorhies, former star of the classic sitcom “Saved By The Bell”, surprised many earlier this year when she appeared in a video interview for Yahoo! with a rather different look–which prompted fans to wonder if she’d had plastic surgery–and an odd demeanor, which sent rumors flying that perhaps she was on drugs. During a recent People Magazine interview, in …

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