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Foxconn Raises Age Limit For Hiring

Ever since Foxconn became Apple’s main manufacturer of the iPhone, the Chinese company has become the focus of many human rights and worker’s rights organizations around the world. Through Apple, the company has become one of the most closely watched manufacturing operations in the world. Largely due to poor past inspections of its working conditions, Foxconn has raised worker pay …

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Cesar Chavez: Civil Rights Leader Celebrated Today

Cesar Chavez, the famed civil rights and labor leader who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (now called United Farm Workers), is being honored this week all across the country. Schools and public offices in several states were closed today in recognition of Chavez and his activism for laborers everywhere. There is also an annual Cesar Chavez March For Justice …

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Foxconn Hid Underage Workers, Improved Conditions To Pull Wool On FLA Inspectors [REPORT]

You remember those audits of Foxconn facilities that took place last week? According to one labor rights activist, we should really take the initial reviews with a grain of salt. Of course, many were already skeptical of any report that labeled working conditions inside a Foxconn factory as “satisfactory” after all of the stuff we’ve heard about them in the …

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