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Facebook Publicly Unmasks Koobface Hackers Facebook Publicly Unmasks Koobface Hackers
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The New York Times reported yesterday on a powerful “web gang” that have been pocketing millions of dollars from unsuspecting web surfers using a worm dubbed “Koobface” (an anagram of “Facebook”). Apparently, it is known who they are. It is …

Koobface Returns To Facebook

Social networkers, you’ve been reclassified. You’re now sitting ducks, neatly corralled by the millions with six degrees of separation or less, and the infamous Koobface new and improved is using your friend as both decoy and digital bird flu carrier.

Reportedly the fourth rogue app to hit Facebook in a week, the new variant of the Koobface worm that once before terrorized the network poses as a social network friend, profile photo and all, and sends a message with a link to a video. The message claims the recipient is in the video.

Worm Rains on Facebook’s Parade
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Just as Facebook unleashes its Facebook Connect program that ties the site in with any other site who wants to be involved, some virus has to come along and rain on the parade. The Koobface virus, which has in actuality been around for the majority of the year, is not directly related to Facebook Connect, but casts a shadow of vulnerability on Facebook in general.

What to Look For