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Archaeologist: King Tut Died… While Chariot Racing

His discovery captivated the world, and from 1922 on, discoverers Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter would become the most famous (and, allegedly, accursed) Egyptologists until their mysterious deaths. Over 20 people associated with the famous discovery of King Tutankhamen’s earthly remains died in mysterious ways, often attributed to “the curse of Tutankhamen” and the supernatural power of the ancient Egyptian …

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Howard Carter, King Tut Tomb Discoverer, Honored With Google Doodle

In 1922, Howard Carter found something amazing in the Valley of Kings – the Holy Grail for Egyptologists at the time. On November 4th, Carter and his group stumbled upon steps that led to the entrance of King Tut’s tomb. By the end of that month, Carter was busy chiseling away at the sealed entrance. Of course, “stumbled upon” might …

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