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Candy Crush Saga Publisher Preparing For IPO Candy Crush Saga Publisher Preparing For IPO
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In the two months since its release on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga has quickly become the most-played game on the social network. With tens of millions of users, the game is raking in money through micro-transactions on Facebook and mobile …

King.com Puts Zynga Games On Notice

European video game start-up King.com has passed Electronic Arts (EA) for overall daily users on Facebook for the first time. The nine-year old company has experienced an explosion in popularity since launching on Facebook a little over a year ago …

21-Year-Old Game Developer Hits Big Time
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Though it was a conference call, three parties in three different locations, it was easy to imagine 21-year-old game developer and college student Evan Miller sitting in a dark room, two corporate suits tapping their feet and looking at their watches behind him.
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