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Kindergartner Praying Controversy Headed To Court?

The controversy surrounding whether or not an Carillon Elementary teacher stopped a five-year-old from praying is now the subject of a lawsuit. It’s a turn of events that isn’t too surprising given what’s at the heart of the matter. Marcos and Kathy Perez of Oviedo, Flordia are claiming that their young daughter Gabriella was getting ready to say grace when …

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Kindergartner Praying: Parents Taking it to Court

Hoax or not, the parents of a Florida kindergartner — who claims she was told to stop praying before her lunch — are suing Seminole County Public Schools as a result of the alleged incident. According to 5-year-old Gabriella Perez, she was told to stop praying by one of the Kindergarten teachers on duty when she sat down to lunch. …

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