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Kenshoo Partners With Atlas For Search Marketing Reporting

With Advertising Week here there is a lot of ad news coming out, but the biggest piece is that Facebook announced the launch of the new Atlas. In its announcement, Facebook named Omnicom as an agency-wide ad serving and measurement partner. Kenshoo just announced a partnership with Atlas as well. It will provide marketers with reporting and optimization for search …

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Report: Paid Search Saw Record CTR In Q2

Kenshoo released some new research looking at search and social advertising spend in Q2, finding that paid search delivered an all-time high click-through rate, and that Facebook ads continue to experience rapid growth. According to the firm, social advertising volumes spiked as new advertisers entered the market, testing ad solutions and audience targeting methods. Social ad spend increased 51% year-over-year …

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Is Paying Facebook For Promotion Worth It?

Facebook has all but killed the organic reach of your Page posts, leaving you with no choice but to hope for referrals from content your users share or pay them for exposure. Now, there are concerns that it’s getting more expensive to advertise on Facebook. The question becomes: is it worth it? Do you see enough success from Facebook ads …

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Study: Spending More On Facebook Ads Helps Paid Search Performance

Kenshoo, which recently launched a solution that matches paid search clicks to Facebook audiences in real time, has a new study out looking at how Facebook ads affect paid search conversions. Obviously, it’s a bit self-serving, but interesting nevertheless, particularly as Facebook is all but forcing brands to advertise these days. In fact, the study was actually commissioned by Facebook. …

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Kenshoo Solution Matches Paid Search Clicks To Facebook Audiences In Real Time

Kenshoo announced a new offering called Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA), which it calls an “industry-first solution”. It matches clicks on paid search ads to audiences on Facebook in real time. Marketers can create Facebook Custom Audiences made up of those who have clicked on specific search ads. These can be targeted to get ads across Facebook’s entire ad inventory, a spokesperson …

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Yahoo Bing Network CTRs, CPCs Consistently Higher Than Google [Report]

Kenshoo has released a new report looking at global search advertising trends. While paid search budgets have been significantly higher year-over-year for all three of the year’s first quarters, the firm says there was not a lot of fluctuation in ad spend quarter-over-quarter (which is pretty much how it went in 2011). “Last year, there was a large ramp-up in …

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