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Challenger Disaster: New Photos Discovered

Nearly 28 years ago, the disastrous Challenger space mission touched the lives of people across the globe, as billions watched the coverage of the launch on live television. The horrific event was terminated quickly when the craft exploded shortly upon take-off. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons so many were forever affected is due to the tragic loss of seven …

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands in $100m Museum

Space Shuttle Atlantis has landed in its final resting place. Well, technically, it’s suspended three stories up, so, absent some disaster, it won’t be touching down again any time soon. The last of the shuttles to go into orbit, Atlantis is now on display in a $100 million dollar facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The spacecraft is …

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Google Street View Goes To “The Doorway To Outer Space”

Google has partnered with NASA to give web users a closer look at Kennedy Space Center from their computers and mobile devices. Google says it will give people around the world a chance to take a trip to the “doorway to outer space, and see Kennedy as it transitions into a multipurpose launch complex for the next 50 years of …

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NASA And Craig Technologies Sign 5 Year Space Act Agreement

Today it was announced that NASA and Craig Technologies have signed a five-year, non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement which will have NASA loaning 1,600 pieces of space shuttle era equipment to Craig Technologies. The agreement will have Craig Technologies maintain an inventory of unique processing and manufacturing equipment for future mission support at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. “This …

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