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Houston Astrodome Future Left Up to Voters

Voters in Harris Country, TX decided Tuesday not to raise $217 million to save the Astrodome, by turning it into a multipurpose convention center. The pricy plan involved creating 350,000 square feet by raising the floor to street level and removing the indoor seating, and creating a “New Dome Experience” as described by adding a green space on the outside …

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Google Gets Inspiring Street View Imagery Of New Orleans’ Rebuilding

Google has new Street View imagery for New Orleans, and Mayor Mitch Landrieu is so proud of the post-Katrina rebuilding of the city, he blogged about the imagery for Google, wanting to show off the hard work to the rest of the world. “Nearly 7 years after Hurricane Katrina and the federal levee failures in 2005, the resilient people of …

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