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Afghan Voters Register For Presidential Elections Despite Taliban Attack

The voting registration process in Afghanistan continues after Taliban fighters attacked the headquarters of the election commission in Kabul on Saturday. Voters lined up outside the registration centers on Sunday as presidential candidates conducted campaign rallies. The presidential elections will be held on April 5. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) headquarters was attacked by Taliban fighters using guns and rocket-propelled …

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Kabul Bombing on Friday Raises U.S. Death Toll

Reuters tells us that a suicide bomb attack has killed three NATO military personnel Friday on the eastern outskirts of Kabul. The car bomb struck a group of military cars traveling down a major highway destroying civilian cars and mangling surrounding establishments. One American has been reported to be among the International Security Assistance Force members killed in the bombing, …

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Afghan Adulterers To Be Stoned In New Law

Afghanistan’s sharia Islamic law committee is currently drafting a new punishment into law; adulterers will now be subject to being stoned to death in a public execution if they are caught. The same rule was in effect during the six years the Taliban was in power, and adulterers were either stoned or shot to death. According to Reuters, a “senior …

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Journalist Risks Life To Tweet About Taliban Attack

The life of a foreign journalist can be a little tough sometimes. Not every country has the freedom of press rights that we have here in the United States. It can be even tougher to be a journalist in a war torn country like Afghanistan. So when you get an extremely brave one who runs to the action to cover …

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