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John Goodman Trial On Shaky Ground. New Jury Needed?

The retrial of polo mogul John Goodman is demonstrating that in the 21st century, there’s no such thing as an entirely ignorant jury. Aside from being able to quickly find out about 51-year-old Goodman via Google, one can just as easily learn crucial details about the previous trial. This is what happened with Travis Van Vliet. The 23-year-old thought nothing …

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Juror Can’t Stop Texting During Trial, Promptly Jailed

A 26-year-old juror in a Salem, Oregon, armed robbery case has been sentenced to serve two days in jail after he was caught texting in court. Benjamin Kohler was charged with contempt after authorities say he was using his mobile device to text after being given explicit instructions to stay off it. The judge in the trial, Dennis Graves, instructed …

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Juror Faces Contempt After Posting He Wanted to ‘F*ck Up a Pedophile’ on Facebook

With the proliferation of social media use, courts are having a harder time keeping jurors from making public postings about trials in which they’re currently involved. The latest example of this comes from the U.K., where a suspended juror now faces contempt of court charges. According to The Guardian, a juror in the case of a now-convicted sex-offender will face …

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