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John Malkovich Siri Ad Inspires Parody Twitter Account

You may recall a couple weeks ago, when Apple started airing two new commercials for the iPhone 4S – Siri, specifically – starring John Malkovich. The two ads showcased Siri’s ability to handle very simple commands, as opposed to the conversational style of interaction most commercials demonstrate. This is the second time in recent memory that Apple has used celebrities …

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John Malkovich Stars In Two New iPhone 4S Commercials

A little over a month ago, Apple took its advertising in a new direction by doing something they rarely do: using celebrities to sell Apple products. They released two Siri-centric ads for the iPhone 4S, one with Samuel L. Jackson planning a date night, and Zooey Deschanel planning a day in. For all that the move was unusual for Apple, …

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