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Jawless Ancient Fish: Distant Relative To Humans

Fossils of a prehistoric fish are revealing important details about the earliest vertebrate life on earth. A discovery was made that shows jaws evolved in animals that have backbones. On Wednesday, researchers described the fossil specimens of the fish that were uncovered at the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies. Many of the fossils were preserved, which allowed scientists to …

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Maui Shark Attack Kills Fisherman

A shark attack in Maui resulted in the death of a kayak fisherman whose foot was severed in the attack. The fisherman, who has been identified by the Maui County Police Department as Patrick Briney Stevenson, was reported to have been fishing with a partner at the time of his attack. Briney’s fishing partner allegedly spotted a nearby boat from …

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Pacifica Shark Attacks Fisherman In Kayak

A great white shark attacked a fisherman off the coast of California Tuesday afternoon. Micah Flanaburg was fishing in a kayak with his father-in-law at Pacifica State Beach near Linda Mar when the shark attacked his boat. According to Flanaburg’s father-in-law, Ross Webber, the attack took place only about 200 yards from shore. Flanaburg told San Francisco’s KPIX that the …

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Reimagined Poster Art For Classic Spielberg Films

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? The smell of popcorn, the sticky floors, the $8 candy……love it! If you are like me and you love everything the movies has to offer, then you will love these movie posters. These reimagined movie posters were redesigned by Alain Bossuyt and feature a couple summer blockbusters and a few cult classics. Some …

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