Java Articles

Matt Asay: Sun Gets it – But What is it?

Matt Asay believes that Sun’s rumored move to put the Java SE reference implementation under the GPL shows that “Sun is one of the few BigCo’s” that really gets open source.

Sun to Serve Up Free Java

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the release of Java technology as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). The first portions of source code for Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) will be made available today.

Web 2.0: IBM as a Host

IT Analyst James Governor from RedMonk has a posting about what IBM needs to do to get more involved in the web 2.0 world.

OpenJavaEE and OpenJDK

There’s a lot of confusion about what Sun actually intends to do when they use the term “open source java”.

Why Designing a Good API Matters

Joshua Bloch has a good presentation outline called How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters.

What’s New in BlueDragon 7?

New Atlanta, recently released Beta 1 of version 7 of thier BlueDragon CFML application server.

Which Java certification should i choose?

Sun Java Certification exams are the best way to demonstrate your skills in Java technologies. These certifications are industry recognized and worldwide programs that focus on critical job roles in software application development and enterprise architecture.

A New (Free) Tool For Java RIA Development

A new tool “that allows developers to create UltraLightClient user interfaces from XML files” has been released by Canoo.

Java Kernel Contains Hope For Web Start Fans

Ethan Nicholas is working on something that might make “the idea of using . . . Java Web Start programs . . . more appealing.” Called Java Kernel, the idea was originally submitted under the name Java Browser Edition.

Java 5 Features Provoke Dissent

The release of Java 5 was widely hailed by Sun and through the tech world, but one programmer sees evidence of ‘feature creep’ posing problems for Java coders.

Java, JotSpot, Better Bad News?

Some days I pinch myself because of the interesting people I get to hang out with and interview and talk business with. Here’s an example.

Java Open Source Holy Grail Persists

Sun Microsystems has held tightly to control of its Java source code, despite years of pleas for them to open it to the development community.

Where are We Going: .NET vs Java?

What in the world is going on in the marketplace? Technology is moving so fast that it is sometimes a little difficult to tell what is happening.

AdWords API Gets A Java Fix

Developers who work with Java and Google AdWords will be delighted to see the newest release from Google’s AdWords API team.

Java EE Marked For Death
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Although the Java programming language will endure, the Java EE framework may be deader than a doornail by 2010.

Sun To Open Java Code

Developers thriving in the open source community have been hounding Sun Microsystems for a long time to open up the code to its widely-used Web language, Java. A surprise conference announcement last week reveals that day is coming, even if not as soon as initially thought.

Sun Swings Derby Into JDK

The Java DB from the Apache Derby Project, and GroupLayout from the NetBeans GUI Builder, will be part of the Java SE 6 Development Kit.

Project jMaki Melds Ajax And Java
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The newest plug-in for the NetBeans Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) allows developers to blend JavaScript with Java for their applications.

Java Gains, .NET Holds In The Asia Pacific

Asian developers are steadily adopting Java EE 5, according to the first volume of Evans Data Corp’s APAC Development Survey. .NET is also doing well in the Asian market, with a heavy majority of developers using it in addition other products.

Open-Source Java Could Pose Problem

Following the pledge of Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz to make Java open-source, others within the company are warning that incompatibilities could result. While this isn’t sure to happen, a Sun executive feels it is a strong possibility, and must be guarded against.

JavaOne Wraps Up For 2006

The 2006 version of the JavaOne Conference finished its run with a number of Calls to Action aimed at Java developers.