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Oracle Wins Java Patent Claim Oracle Wins Java Patent Claim

In the heat of Oracle’s court battle with Google concerning copyright infringement, the owner of the open-source Java programming language saw a small victory on April 19th, when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office confirmed a previously rejected Java patent. …

Google’s Larry Page Evasive with Oracle Attorney Google’s Larry Page Evasive with Oracle Attorney

It was recently reported that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison seemed a bit confused while answering questions from Google’s legal team, while on the stand during the Oracle/Java, Google/Android trial that commenced this week – and when it was Google CEO …

Oracle Contends Google was Aware it Needed to License Java APIs Oracle Contends Google was Aware it Needed to License Java APIs

Google’s trial against Oracle, who is suing over patent infringement regarding the use of Java in building the Android OS, finally commenced yesterday – 18 months after Oracle’s initial complaint, with Oracle submitting its opening statements. While the main point …

Google, Oracle Trial Begins Today Google, Oracle Trial Begins Today

With the recent reports of Google and Oracle possibly settling out of court over a Java/Android patent-infringement case coming to and end, the trial begins today, 18 months after Oracle’s initial complaint. To recap, Oracle is suing Google over using …

Apple Releases Java Update To Remove Flashback Apple Releases Java Update To Remove Flashback

Earlier this week we brought you news that Apple was working on its own tool to detect and remove the recently discovered Flashback malware from the over 600,000 Macs that were infected. Today, Apple rolled out a new update to …

Apple Updates Java Again Following Flashback News Apple Updates Java Again Following Flashback News
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Yesterday we brought you news of an alarming piece of malware targeting Macs. The Flashback trojan uses a vulnerability in Java to install on users’ computers without the user’s knowledge or consent. While nearly all malware designed to attack Macs …

Flashback Botnet Infects Over Half A Million Macs Flashback Botnet Infects Over Half A Million Macs

In the perennial Mac vs. PC debate, Mac users have always been able to cite one incontrovertible fact as an argument for their side: the Mac is far less susceptible than a Windows-based PC to viruses and other forms of …

Google, Oracle Ordered To Discuss Patent Settlements Before Trial Google, Oracle Ordered To Discuss Patent Settlements Before Trial

Ahead of a Java’s patent lawsuit against Google scheduled for April 16, a judge ordered on Friday that executives from both companies convene in order to discuss a potential settlement. Despite previous failed attempts to arrive at a settlement, Judge …

Google’s Reponse to the Oracle Suit
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As you may have read, Google is being sued by Oracle, who claims Google is infringing on several patents it holds, related to Java. These patents came to Oracle through its recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

"In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property," said Oracle spokesperson Karen Tillman. "This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement."

Google Acquires Developer Tools Provider Instantiations
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Google has apparently acquired yet another company – Instantiations. This is a provider of Java and Ajax development tools.

As MG Siegler (who first reported the news) points out, the company is known for its Google Web Toolkit designer, which is likely the reason for the acquisition.

Instantiations greets its site visitors with the following message:

Google Developers Produce New Programming Language
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A new programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine is available thanks to a couple of Google’s developers.  Called Noop (pronounce it like an abbreviated version of "no operation"), the developers claim that it combines the finest aspects of other languages and attempts to guide users towards accepted best practices.

Google Introduces New Features for App Engine

At Campfire One, an event where developers are invited to "talk shop" at the Google campus, Google announced a new set of features for App Engine that helps it interface more easily with existing technologies.

Microsoft Reaches Search Deal With Sun Microsystems
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Microsoft has struck a search distribution deal with Sun Microsystems to provide its MSN Toolbar to U.S. based Internet Explorer users when they download Sun’s Java Runtime Environment platform.

Sun Reveals JavaOne Schedule, University Tracks

It’s almost time to get in touch with one’s inner Java geek, and others, at JavaOne in San Francisco, May 6-9.

Google To Trademark Knol, Dalvik
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Call it a unit of knowledge, but beware of calling it a ‘knol’, as Google has applied to trademark the term.

Best Web Publicity? Go the Content Route

Launching a new product? A new book? Or a new product? If it’s mass consumer-related, you might want to take a leaf out of FakeSteve (Jobs) book, Options.

Fake Steve Jobs (AKA Forbes senior editor Dan Lyons) has been penning the Fake Steve satirical blog of the Apple co-founder to the bemusement of folks in the Valley. With potrayals of Microsoft boss Bill Gates as “Beastmaster Bill” (both Bill and the real Steve are fans of the blog), it’s garnered nothing less than a rabid following.

No Java, Flash, .NET/Silverlight for iPhone?

Apple announced third-party apps for the iPhone. Sounds a LOT like Adobe’s new AIR. Delivers HTML and JavaScript apps down to the phone via Safari. What’s interesting is what Steve Jobs left out.

No Java. So, can’t run Kyte.tv’s application. Can’t run the Google Maps application I’m using on my Nokia. Can’t run something cool coming soon from eBay that I’m testing out. Can’t run Radar.net. Etc. Etc.

Java’s Weapon to Kill Flash, Ajax, SilverLight

Java has long failed to woo Internet users on the client front-end. Flash was ruling it for years; but with the recent announcement of SilverLight from Microsoft, Sun could no longer stay behind. So, they are trying again with a consumer-flavored Java – JavaFX.

Java and Open Source

In November, Sun Microsystems moved to “open source” status for Java, after a decade of maintaining proprietary status for the portable programming language.

Java Not True Test of Open Source Innovation

My thesis advisor keeps reminding me to frame the question correctly, otherwise the experimental results will be meaningless.

Sun Gets Press, Maintains Control

So, the news is official: (and yes, I agree with IBM’s question as to why Sun didn’t join one of the community projects focused on delivering open source implementations of Java SE, ME and EE instead of trying to build their own community.)