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Foley Execution Video: Forensics Experts Believe Beheading Was Staged

The horrific footage of the beheading of American journalist James Foley is being analyzed by federal investigators, who have identified the social media account that originally posted the video. The person who posted the video is part of a group of Islamic extremists that are close to the leadership of the Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIS. Fox News …

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James Foley’s Siblings: More Should Have Been Done

James Foley’s brother, Michael, and his sister, Katie, are speaking out on the beheading of their brother and what the US could have done differently. They are hoping that their loss could prompt changes in policy that could help those that are still in ISIS (also known as ISIL) custody. The siblings spoke with Katie Couric about the incident and …

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LiveLeak Bans Future ISIS Videos from the Typically ‘Anything Goes’ Site

As LiveLeak is quick to point out, it has “never hosted every graphic murder or beheading uploaded to our site.” This is true. You can’t find everything on LiveLeak, but in terms of high-profile, popular tube sites, LiveLeak is the closest thing to ‘anything goes’ as you’re going to find. When YouTube takes it down, head to LiveLeak – that’s …

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Regarding James Foley, Should Twitter Decide What You See?

Twitter is absolutely, one-hundred percent, within its right to remove whatever content they deem to be in violation of its rules and terms of service. Twitter can do this, and you’re not allowed to cry free speech! Twitter is not your government, and you are not guaranteed the right to freely express yourself on the social network. Twitter is a …

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Twitter Is Suspending Users Who Post Execution Images

In light of the apparent execution of American photojournalist James Foley, Twitter has bee hard at work removing accounts that have been spreading the alleged beheading imagery around the network. Foley, an freelance journalist, disappeared in Syria in November of 2012. Late Tuesday night, a video found its way online appearing to show Foley, 40, beheaded by militant group ISIS. …

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Twitter Now Removes Images of the Dead Upon Request

In some circumstances, upon request of the family, Twitter will now delete images of the deceased. In order for Twitter to act on any specific imagery, a few qualifications must be met. Once an immediate family member of the deceased contacts Twitter with the request, the company will weigh whether or not the images have “public interest factors such as…newsworthiness” …

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