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Adobe Flash For Mobile, 750 Jobs To Go By the Wayside Adobe Flash For Mobile, 750 Jobs To Go By the Wayside

Adobe dropped the bomb that it is basically giving up on mobile Flash development, while increasing its investments in HTML5. You may recall the big back and fourth between Adobe and Apple over Flash last year. Remember the famous letter …

Google Panda Update: Cutts Confirms Another Tweak Google Panda Update: Cutts Confirms Another Tweak
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As previously reported, Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted out on October 5 to “expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%).” SearchMetrics has since shared numbers for sites it found to …

Jon Stewart Takes On LinkedIn Jon Stewart Takes On LinkedIn
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I’ll admit it, I’m not that active on LinkedIn. I came to the party late, and with my heart (and time) already invested in Facebook, Twitter and to a certain extent Google+, I just couldn’t really motivate myself to grow …

iPhone 5 Features, Social Media Jobs & Dog Bites iPhone 5 Features, Social Media Jobs & Dog Bites
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People are really hyped up for the iPhone 5. Rumors have been swirling for months, and users know what they want. A new infographic looks at what they do want, as well as who will actually be getting one. Then …

Obama Does LinkedIn Town Hall [Watch Live] Obama Does LinkedIn Town Hall [Watch Live]

President Obama is answering questions from LinkedIn members. The White House and LinkedIn are streaming the video, and have made it embeddable, so you can watch it below: Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream @LinkedInLinkedInVIDEO / Nearly 10,000 viewers …

“Apply with LinkedIn” Might Be Pretty Huge “Apply with LinkedIn” Might Be Pretty Huge
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This week, LinkedIn revealed a new tool called “Apply with LinkedIn”. It’s basically a button companies can put on their websites to enable one-click job applications by potential candidates. “We’ve put an incredible amount of effort to rethink the job …

LinkedIn Launches One-Click Job Application Plug-In for Sites LinkedIn Launches One-Click Job Application Plug-In for Sites

LinkedIn has launched a new web plug-in called Apply with LinkedIn, which is designed to enable companies to make it easier for job applicants to apply using their LinkedIn information. “We’ve put an incredible amount of effort to rethink the …

20 Percent of Job Searchers Use Smartphones to Look for Jobs 20 Percent of Job Searchers Use Smartphones to Look for Jobs
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According to data released by the vertical search engine for jobs called LinkUp, 20 percent of job seekers use their smartphone to look for jobs. LinkUp reported that mobile traffic jumped to 20.8% of overall first quarter traffic, up from …

LinkedIn Recognizes Importance of Email, Launches New Feature
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LinkedIn announced the launch of a new targeted email feature for users seeking jobs. LinkedIn members who view jobs on the service will receive recommendations automatically via email. 

The feature is powered by LinkedIn’s "Jobs You May Be Interested In" system, and the emails include results that are personalized based on the user’s profile. 

LinkedIn Rolls Out Career Explorer
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LinkedIn has launched a new beta product called Career Explorer, aimed at college graduates.

"Students now have the ability to explore different career paths based on their school, level of education, and desired industry," explains LinkedIn’s DJ Patil. "In addition to visualizing various career paths, they’ll also be able to find relevant job opportunities, top companies, estimated salary ranges as well as the people in their network who can get them there."

LinkedIn Makes Professional/Company Networking More Customized

LinkedIn made a couple of announcements today. First was an update to its Company Follow Feature, and second was the introduction of its new Career Pages. 

Company Follow has an updated look and feel with better customization, more personalized insights for professionals, and a new Career tab for both companies and professionals. 

Labor Department Launches Website For Job Seekers

The U.S. Department of Labor has launched a new website aimed at helping people find jobs.

The site is called “mySkills myFuture” and it allows users to view local job postings, find training and education providers. The site offers job descriptions, salary information and common tasks related to a new occupation.

"Americans deserve good jobs, and mySkills myFuture is one of the ways we’re ensuring they can find and access them," said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. 


LinkedIn Recruiter Gets New Search Filter Features

LinkedIn has launched new search filter features for LinkedIn Recruiter. The company has taken advanced search and refinement filters that have been available, and added them to some new places.

OneRiot Makes Staff Changes to Prepare for the Future

OneRiot says it has made some changes that will "propel the company to the future faster." The changes they’re referring to are that Kimbal Musk, formerly CEO, is now the Chairman of the company, while Tobias Peggs (formerly President in charge of Strategy, Sales, Distribution and Marketing) is now CEO.

LinkedIn Gets an App to Display Portfolios

There is a new LinkedIn app called Creative Portfolio Display. The app lets users in creative industries like advertising, fashion, design, architecture, film, photography, and digital media, access tools to manage and showcase their portfolios.

Simply Hired Launches Job Search On Facebook
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Job search engine Simply Hired has launched a personalized job search using Facebook.

Users who login with Facebook are able to find jobs based on their current or previous work titles, location, interests and their friends’ companies on Simply Hired. On the search results page, people looking for a job will be able to browse friends’ companies and search for job openings.

LinkedIn Continues Adding Features to Recruiter
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LinkedIn has added several features to its Recruiter platform. These include real-time profile matches, mini profiles, and free InMails to 1st degree and fellow group members.

Monster Talks Up its New Search Technology
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Popular jobs site Monster.com has introduced a new semantic search technology called 6Sense, which it says delivers "precision matches" for job seekers and employers. The technology powers Monster’s Power Resume Search, Candidate Spotlight and Seeker Job Search.

Twitter Starts the Year with Some New Faces
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Just as many of us get back to work after the holidays, Twitter has some new people starting work with the company altogether. Twitter reportedly has ten new people (most starting today), and some of them have interesting backgrounds, which could have interesting implications for the company’s future.

Twittering As a Full-Time Job
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Update: Pizza Hut announced today that its former "Twintern" now has the official title of "Tweetologist," and now holds a full-time position. From the announcement:

LinkedIn Announces 50 Million user Milestone
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LinkedIn today announced that the professional social network has 50 million users worldwide. Perhaps more impressive is its claim that it is growing by "roughly one new member per second."

The company says that when it launched back in 2003, it took 477 days to reach its first million member milestone. The 50th million came much easier, however, in jus 12 days.