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Tiffani Thiessen Is Happily Married; Sorry, J.J. Watt

Tiffani Thiessen ushered in puberty for scores of teenage boys during her time on Saved By The Bell, becoming an all-American teen icon wow enjoyed massive success in the ’80s and ’90s. But there are some guys who haven’t let their crush go–including Houston Texan J.J. Watt–and unfortunately for them, Thiessen is happily married with two kids. When Watt met …

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Jennifer Aniston On Why She Wants To “Shake” Kids Today

Jennifer Aniston talked recently about her younger years, revealing that her parents were strict when it came to makeup, and said she’s glad they were. The former Friends actress says she wasn’t allowed to wear cosmetics until she was 15 years old because her mom and dad didn’t want her to grow up too fast. Now, she says, she sees …

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J.J. Watt Takes Down Sanchez, Earns Praise For Win

With cries from the commentators of “Who?!”, J.J. Watt came out of nowhere during the Texans/Jets game to bring down Mark Sanchez and is taking some credit for helping the Texans earn their first win over the Jets in a long time. Now, everyone wants to know more about this beast named Watt, and he is certainly the talk of …

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