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ITC Bans Older iPhone Models From Entering The U.S.

Were you thinking about picking up an iPhone 4 on the cheap at AT&T? You might want to do so now as new shipments might not be making it here anytime soon. The Hill reports that the ITC ruled that Apple had infringed upon Samsung’s patents with the AT&T variants of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, iPad 3G …

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FTC Opposes Bans Over Standards Essential Patents

Last week Tim Cook spent time on stage during the opening session of AllThingsD’s D10 Conference talking to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher about a variety of topics. Among the issues discussed was Apple’s position on patent lawsuits. After from stating that patent litigation is “a pain in the ass,” Cook spent some time talking about how he believes the …

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Xbox 360 Getting United States Ban Hammer?

The smackdown is about to be laid on Microsoft by the International Trade Commission after a Seattle judge has ruled in favor of Motorola Mobility in a huge patent lawsuit that was originally filed in 2010. Microsoft was handed a brutal blow when the International Trade Commission (ITC) was advised on Tuesday to ban the import and sale of Xbox …

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