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HP Buys 3Com for $2.7 Billion

HP announced today that it is acquiring 3Com, makers of network switching, routing, and security solutions, for $2.7 billion in cash (at 7.90 per share). Both boards have already approved the transaction.

HP says the combination of these two companies will transform the networking industry and "underscore HP’s next-generation data center strategy." The company believes this will help customers simplify networks and improve IT service delivery capabilities.

Google: IT Departments Moving Toward the Cloud
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Google has been pushing Google Apps use big time this year. They took out billboard space, and they recently sponsored a survey about IT departments and cloud computing.

The poll covered 1,125 IT decision-makers. Google has prepared an entire report based on the findings, which is available for perusal here (pdf).

Google Sends Partners to Search Appliance Customers

Google is giving new Enterprise Search Appliance customers an "ROI JumpStart". What this means is they’re sending people to help you deploy it for two days. These people come from "select Google enterprise partners."

New customers who license a GSA covering one million documents or more by September 30 are eligible.

Google and Egypt Ink $10 Million Deal
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Google and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have signed a $10 million contract regarding business and workforce development in Egypt. Egyptian Minister of CIT, Dr. Tarek Kamel came to Washington D.C. this week with the goal of reinforcing bilateral relations between Egypt and the US, a representative for the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) tells WebProNews.

Social Media A Stumbling Block For IT Pros
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A survey of 1,300 IT professionals worldwide conducted by Websense reveals a majority of IT managers are still unsure what constitutes Web 2.0, and are ill-equipped to combat security concerns associated with social media. 

About 95 percent of businesses allow access to social media in the workplace, and 86 percent of IT managers surveyed reported being pressured to expand social media accessibility—most often from marketing, sales, and C-level executives—despite security concerns.

Google Announces Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Google has announced the upcoming release of the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The goal is to make it easier for mobile users to use Google Apps on BlackBerry smartphones.

March Madness Puts The Squeeze On Corporate Bandwidth

Beware the Ides of March, Shakespeare famously warned in Julius Caesar. The Ides of March bring a different madness in the modern world, usually associated with college basketball, and extends to your IT department. All that mad video streaming can have a huge impact not just on productivity, but also on the company’s bandwidth bill.
CBS Sports, NCAA

Election Drove Record Internet Traffic
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The Internet didn’t break yesterday, and if there was ever a day for that to happen it was Election Day 2008 in America. Akamai’s Net Usage Index for News recorded the highest number of website visitors per minute in history, placing Barack Obama’s historic win at the top at the chart.

Cloud Computing Services To Reach $42 Billion
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Over the next five years spending on IT cloud services is expected to grow nearly threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012 and accounting for 9 percent of revenues in five key market segments, according to a survey from IDC.

Spending on cloud computing is on track to accelerate during the forecast period, capturing 25 percent of IT spending growth in 2012 and close to a third in 2013.

Survey: Canned IT Employees Will Steal Your Info

Cyber-Ark"Exercise extreme caution when it comes to dismissing employees with knowledge of your IT systems," warns security vendor Cyber-Ark Software.

Disruptive Technologies for the Next 4 Years

Gartner, an IT industry analyst firm, has published a report on what its analysts see as the top ten disruptive technologies for 2008 to 2012:

Google Pushes Its Security And Compliance Products

IT people, please don’t blame us.  We neither conducted nor responded to this security and compliance survey.  But the survey’s results indicate that some people (and perhaps a certain search giant) feel you’re not overly effective or efficient.

Companies Using Universal Search Internally

If you use Google to search, then you have probably seen their universal search, which shows more than just html documents in the search results.

Major companies are now seeing the benefits of using universal search to search their internal resources. Professional services firms, especially law firms, are using universal search tools to instantly locate content, wherever it’s located.


Interview with Web Analyst WDave

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analysts, here is an interview with Wandering Dave Rhee also known as WDave.

MySQL and the Google MacGyver Connection

A reader commented that MySQL isn’t “enterprise ready”, to which another reader wrote:

“I hate it when snobby DBAs or managers scoff at MySQL as if it isn’t ready to play with the big boys. Google called, they’d like to loan you a clue.”

Mike Rhodin Speaks at Lotusphere
Chris Miller: With the entrance into Social Networking with Connections, what will Lotus do as we get to 3.0?

MR: Challenges hierarchical systems, business systems could break down private information shared.  dangers regulatory meltdowns on sharing regulated

Enterprise Decision Management and Managing Costs

While the primary focus of applying EDM to customer service should not be cost containment or reduction, there is still a role for EDM in managing costs. For instance:

Internal Departments & Your SEO Firm – A Play
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Many companies are not aware of the different roles that various departments in their organization will fill when they begin to work with an outside SEO firm.  What follows is a demonstration, in play form (bear with me), of which internal departments are involved in a typical SEO campaign and why. It also demonstrates some of the resistance that may be felt by those departments as well as what valuable contributions a company can make to help its SEO firm craft a successful campaign.

The Players

Strategy Before Tactics

If you have no defined strategy then what ever tactics you employ probably won’t meet your goals. How many of us in the information security business bought a product, tool, policy or process from a company because we needed to meet a legal requirement, a passing interest in a neat new toy, or a recommendation from a group or consultant without really visualizing how it will fit into our strategic and tactical goals for the company?

Bloated Shelf-ware

I’ve been catching up on some reading and found the comments to a post from Dana very interesting.

Here’s a summary (although the comments are worth a read):

IT Service Contracts Require Practice

Sometimes after you secure IT service contracts, you might be afraid that your customers might give you more than you can handle, or that you won’t be able to deliver service on time.

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