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ISIS Threatens to Kill Jack Dorsey, Twitter Employees

This weekend, someone writing on behalf of ISIS threatened Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and all Twitter employees, calling on supporters to not “allow any one of the atheists to survive.” A post claiming to be in response to Twitter’s “campaign to delete accounts” specifically addresses Dorsey, who appears with superimposed crosshairs over his face. “You started this failed war,” the …

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Newsweek Twitter Account Hacked, Posts Obama Threats

Newsweek is the latest major publication to fall victim to a Twitter hack. It appears that a group calling itself Cyber Caliphate took over the magazine’s account around 11am EST, and began tweeting out threats, supposed leaked documents, and general propaganda relating to Islamic terrorism. “#CyberCaliphate Bloody Valentine’s Day #MichelleObama! We’re watching you, you girls, and your husband,” read one …

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Islamists Continue Worldwide Offensive

As the news spread of coordinated U.S. Navy SEAL strikes against Islamist leaders on either side of the African mainland, Islamists elsewhere were launching attacks of their own. Iraq was rocked by a series of suicide bombings this weekend, Reuters reports. One bombing involved a truck loaded with explosives that was driven into a primary school playground in the northern …

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Egyptian Court: Muslim Brotherhood is Banned

USA Today reported this morning that an Egyptian Court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a political organization and as a community organization. Authorities will be expected to seize all of its assets in an upcoming crackdown against Islamists in Egypt. The language of the court is clear: “any institution branching out of it [The Muslim Brotherhood] or … receiving …

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