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Angry Birds IPO To Come in Next Few Years Angry Birds IPO To Come in Next Few Years
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The Finnish company that brought us the joy of hurling exploding black bomb-birds into crowned green pigs says they are eyeing an initial public offering within the next 3 to 4 years. Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka said that although …

Twitter Not Ready For IPO Fortunes

"We’ve raised all this money. We’ve created this global brand…Now we have to go build the business that lives up to that valuation."

Twitter COO, Dick Costolo, January 20, 2010

And that, my friend, is why we won’t see a Twitter IPO this year. That, and this really obscure New Yorker reference:

Facebook CFO Waves Goodbye To Company

In the latest episode of “How the Facebook Turns” CFO Gideon Yu has been sent packing. The report at All Things Digital says the move appears facebook-logoto be in preparation of an initial public offering (IPO).

Digg Gets More Cash, Expanding Internationally
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Digg has raised an additional $27.8 million from a funding round led by Highland Capital Partners. The company has now taken nearly $40 million from investors over the last three years.

Rackspace Seeks $400 Million In IPO

The public offering from the hosting company comes amid the unsettled US economy, but Rackspace believes a Google-like auction will pull in nine figures.

Eyeblaster Ad Firm Files For IPO

While it might be fun to discuss a toy with which kids should never be allowed to play, we’re instead going to talk about a company that deals with online advertising.  Eyeblaster, as it’s called, has filed for an IPO.

NetSuite Optimistic About Its IPO

Three bucks isn’t much, but to look at it another way, it’s about 19 percent of sixteen dollars.  So we’re at least mildly impressed that NetSuite, a business software maker, has been able to raise the expected price range of its IPO by that much.

Yahoo’s Stock Climbs On Yet-To-Occur Alibaba IPO

Up and down, down and up – it just sort of meandered along for a while.  But on Friday afternoon, Yahoo’s stock took more of an “up, up, and away” approach due to Alibaba.com’s impending IPO.

Alibaba Discusses IPO Date, Amount

Alibaba has released details regarding its initial public offering: the event should take place on November 6th, and is intended to raise about $1.5 billion.  Also, if earlier reports hold true, that’ll mean Yahoo could shell out around $150 million.

Zuckerberg: Facebook IPO “Definitely Years Out”

I’ll bet at least one person out there has been keeping his (or her) phone just a little closer due to Facebook IPO rumors, thinking, “Gotta call my broker, gotta call my broker.”  But if Mark Zuckerberg is to be believed, that person can relax – at the Web 2.0 Summit, the social network’s CEO said that any IPO is “definitely years out.”

Yahoo To Jump On Alibaba IPO

When Alibaba holds its IPO, Yahoo will be first in line, and the search engine company will reportedly have enough cash in hand to buy 10 percent of the available shares.

Rumor: IPO for AOL’s Advertising Platform A

Last week, AOL announced that it was restructuring its online advertising holdings to create a new ad division, Platform A. Ten days later, TechCrunch has rumors that Platform A will be destined for an IPO of its own:

Google’s IPO, Inside AdSense Have Anniversaries

You know that feeling when you forget a birthday?  Well, I don’t have it, but it’s nonetheless true that I failed to note two Google anniversaries.  Google’s IPO occurred three years ago as of August 19, and on August 15, the Inside AdSense blog turned two.

Classmates Raises Hand, Files For IPO

I’ve never thought of Classmates.com in any sort of “professional capacity”; I’ve just dodged its banner ads while doing my daily browsing.  There’s no dodging this, however: the owner of Classmates.com has filed for a $125 million IPO.

Accoona Co-Founder Has Colorful History
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Armand Rousso’s past and a deeper look at Accoona’s business has observers wondering if the company will be able to conduct a planned IPO.

Accoona Heads To Wall Street, Plans IPO
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The Accoona search engine first launched in 2004 with a proprietary artificial intelligence technology backing its query engine.

iCrossing Acquires Web Development Agency

iCrossing received $62 million in funding last week, and Jeffrey Herzog, the digital marketing company’s founder and CEO, said that a portion of it would go towards “strategic acquisition capital.”  Herzog wasn’t kidding – iCrossing has now bought Proxicom.

Alibaba May IPO

The Alibaba Group, which took over Yahoo China in 2005, is now preparing to hold an IPO on the Hong Kong stock market.  Other details, such as “when” and “how much,” remain largely unknown.

Blinkx Makes It To 14 Million Hours
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We last wrote about Blinkx seven days ago, and at that time, the company claimed its index contained a whopping 12 million hours’ worth of content.  Blinkx has now issued a release announcing its arrival at the 14 million-hour mark.

Facebook Heads For IPO, Rumor Says

Sometimes little things add up and point to something big. Something serious and something funny may mean Facebook stands on the cusp of making Mark Zuckerberg and his backers very rich.

Alibaba IPO Could Help Yahoo China
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Yahoo owns 40 percent of the Alibaba Group, and some onlookers feel that tie is the only thing keeping Yahoo afloat in Asia.  But as rumors circulate that Alibaba will undergo an IPO, floating could turn into flying.