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Yelp IPO Is Here: Trading At $22 Per Share Yelp IPO Is Here: Trading At $22 Per Share
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The Yelp IPO is here and trading at $22 per share! There’s 7.1 million shares being offered in an effort to raise over $106 million. Look for it under the ticker, “YELP” on the New York Stock Exchange. Originally priced …

Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock

Spark Capital is providing its employees with more liquid assets by purchasing fifty million dollars worth of Foursquare’s company stock. Foursquare has 15 million registered users who have collectively checked in 1.5 billion times and has generated information about some …

Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy
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Google announced today that it is investing $75 million in a fund with Clean Power Finance to help up to 3,000 homeowners go solar, bringing the company’s total investment in clean energy to $850 million. “As we said when we …

Airbnb Looks To Expand With $112 Million In New Funding Airbnb Looks To Expand With $112 Million In New Funding
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“Community marketplace for unique spaces” Airbnb announced today that it has received $112 million in Series b financing from Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global, and General Catalyst. When you add that to their previous funding, Airbnb now boasts total funding of …

Square Is Glowing As New $100 Million In Funding Rolls In Square Is Glowing As New $100 Million In Funding Rolls In
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“We now have lots of glowing @Squares,” tweeted Twitter co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey this week, attaching the above image. Square does have plenty to be glowing about, as the company has secured a new $100 million round of …

Ashton Kutcher Invests in Airbnb Ashton Kutcher Invests in Airbnb
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Ashton Kutcher continues his expansion into all things internet, as it has just been announced that he has made a significant investment in travel startup Airbnb. Airbnb is an online company that provides travelers the opportunity to ditch the hotel …

Intel Capital Invests $30 Million in 4 Tech Companies
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Intel announced today that its investment arm, Intel Capital, has invested $30 million in four U.S. tech companies. These are Adaptive Computing, Ciranova, Joyent, and Nexant. 

AT&T Announces Addition to Dow Jones Sustainability Index
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AT&T announced that it is being added to the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America, effective September 20. The index looks at corporate, economic, environmental and social performance, and tracks the performance of the top 20% of the 600 biggest North American companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index in terms of sustainability.

Google’s Latest Investment: Affordable Housing

U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation (USBCDC), a division of U.S. Bank, announced it will manage an $86 million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) fund for Google.

Foursquare Gains $20m, New Investor in Andreessen Horowitz

Foursquare has announced that it’s closed a new $20m Series B round of funding with Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and new partner, Andreessen Horowitz.

Marc Andreessen & Ben Horowitz Look for Investments
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Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz have started a new venture capital firm called (appropriately) Andreessen Horowitz.

Andreessen serves on the boards of both eBay and Facebook, and is a chairman of the board of Ning, which he also co-founded. His biggest claim to fame was co-founding Netscape.

WebSite Creation Service SynthaSite Gets $20 million
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Site builder company SynthaSite has secured $20 million in Series B financing from Luxembourg-based Reinet Fund S.C.A. The money will go to accelerating the development of its web site creation tools and its p2p e-commerce platform through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Revenue-Generating Products In the Mix for Twitter
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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced some big news today about the company accepting an offer it couldn’t refuse. Twitter has not been actively seeking funding, but due to its enormous growth, some parties just couldn’t resist courting them.

Photobucket Investment – Is There a Scandal There?
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PhotobucketThe Wall Street Journal posted a story today about investors Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock from the firm Insight Venture Partners. It talks about how they went behind the backs of limited partners and personally invested in Photobucket back before News Corp. bought it and it really took off. The story seems to suggest some financial foul play, but not everybody views it this way.

The Move from Why? to How?

Aa053592At the back end of last year, I noticed how conversations with my clients about networked m

Facebook Makes Another $60 Million

It might have been more reassuring if this had happened sooner, or if more than one person were behind the investment.  But as it stands now, Facebook certainly isn’t complaining – Li Ka-shing, a Hong Kong businessman, has endowed the social network with a fresh $60 million.

KPCB Freezes Further Web 2.0 Investments

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is a venture capital firm that’s played a large role in the development of companies like Google, Amazon, and Sun Microsystems.  And now the backer of these winning corporations wants nothing to do with Web 2.0.

Google Offers Investments For Gadgeteers

A new program called Google Gadget Ventures, launched by the search advertising company, will hand out grants and seed investments to worthy gadget writers.

This Podcasting Dope is Addictive

News of what two big companies in entirely different industries are doing with audio as part of their communication is a great example of imaginative ways to use this communication medium.

The Benefits Of Laddering Your CD Investments

If you’ve decided to stock some money away in a certificate of deposit, why not reap the highest benefit over time by laddering your CD investments? What’s a CD latter? I’m glad you asked.

Intel’s Digital Home Investments

Intel’s venture investing organization, Intel Capital, has made three additional investments in companies developing innovative technologies for the digital home.