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Car Seats By Volvo May Be The Most Amazing Thing Ever

Sometimes a company comes along with a concept or idea that is so absolutely amazing and yet surprisingly simplistic, you wonder why in the heck we’re just now getting it. This is the best description of Volvo’s take on the car seat. That’s right the car seat—that clunky piece of plastic that is meant to keep your kid safe, but …

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Toilet Of The Future Brings A Flush Of Excitement

Despite assuming “The Thinker” position at least a couple times a day, the average person probably rarely ponders that our toilets signal how far we’ve come as a species. Our nearest relations in the animal world fling their feces at each other. Meanwhile, we are meticulously planning for the toilets of tomorrow. There are a few notable designs that have …

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This Smart Trash Can Makes Sure You Never Miss A Basket Again

There’s something inherently fun about trying to throw wads of paper into a trash can from across the room. As kids, we held impromptu trash basketball tournaments to see who was the true master of trashketball. Now one Japanese inventor wants to take all the skill and challenge out of the revered “sport.” At the most recent Japan Media Arts …

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MIT Researchers Create Glare-Free Glass

MIT researchers have created a type of glass that is nearly invisible. MIT News reports that the glass and the process of creating it were described in a paper published by the journal ACS Nano. The paper is titled (get ready) “Nanotextured Silica Surfaces with Robust Super-Hydrophobicity and Omnidirectional Broadband Super-Transmissivity.” The abstract to the paper describes the structure of …

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Ruthless Alarm Clock Won’t Let You Snooze

I’ve never been a morning person, and I suspect I never will be. In high school I tended sleep through my alarm clock’s buzzing, so at night before bed I began to devise tortures for sleepy morning-me. I would set the clock ahead to scare myself into thinking I was late. That progressed until my clock was set hours into …

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Hot Pocket Dispenser Is The Lazy, Hungry Gamer’s Dream Come True

How many times have you been playing Skyrim and thought “the only thing that would make this better is food?” My personal answer is 100+ times. If you’ve ever thought this, it most likely follows that you’ve wound up making some food. And what’s a good gamer fuel? Hot Pockets, of course. But once your molten hot factory-produced meat pastry …

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