Ruthless Alarm Clock Won't Let You Snooze

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I've never been a morning person, and I suspect I never will be. In high school I tended sleep through my alarm clock's buzzing, so at night before bed I began to devise tortures for sleepy morning-me. I would set the clock ahead to scare myself into thinking I was late. That progressed until my clock was set hours into the future, and I then began to switch the clock every night in an attempt to make morning-me get up to check a different clock. These methods never fully worked, and if I had a little more technical know-how or ambition I might have eventually gone as far as Paul Sammut has and invented a ruthless alarm clock that will not let you sleep through its alarm.

Sammut is the inventor of the Ramos Clock, an alarm clock that goes over-the-top in waking you up. To turn off the Ramos Clock, you must enter a "defuse code" on a wireless keypad. The "defuse code" could be just a number you have remembered - but that would be too easy. Instead, the Ramos Clock can make the "defuse code" the current date or even a number the clock flashes on its face. I can see my groggy self unplugging the thing, but that wouldn't help: the Ramos Clock has an internal battery that will keep it running. I've never had anger issues, but smashing the clock might be the only option if I've forgotten the code. I wouldn't, though, since the least expensive version of the clock is $200. Here's Sammut explaining the basics in his commercial for the device:

Sammut just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Ramos Clock, raising $153,585 and doubling his goal of $75,000. The clocks are now for sale over at his website. The lower-end version with a simple LED clock face is $200, while a higher end model featuring a vintage Soviet-era nixie tube display is $350. Sammut is also willing to craft a custom Ramos Clock out of some rare hardwoods if you are willing to pay $800.

Did I mention the Ramos Clock talks to you when you are playing around with its settings? I don't even have one and I loathe the thing for waking me up.

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