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FCC Rule Change Would Pave The Way For Internet TV

A little while ago we brought you news that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski had voiced support for usage-based pricing of broadband internet service. Speaking at the annual conference of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Genachowski said that such a pricing model would promote fairness to the customer and innovation among ISPs. Nevertheless, it’s concerning for “cord cutters” who have …

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Discovery Channel Buys Revision3, Enters WebTV Fray

After a couple of days when rumors began to circulate that the Discovery Channel was in talks to purchase Revision3, an internet-only television network and distributor of original content, the two media companies apparently shook hands today and finalized the deal. According to AllThingsD, the official price tag on the purchase hasn’t been disclosed by Discovery but “sources familiar with …

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Revision3 App Now Available For Google TV

Keeping with its recent trend of adding more content and features to Google TV, Google today highlighted the fact that the Revision3 app for Android is now available for Google TV. Rob DeMilo, Revision3’s CTO, shared the app’s features in a blog post at the Google TV blog. From the blog: Revision3 has a wide selection of great shows to …

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Google TV Service May Be On The Way For Kansas City

Kansas City must be feeling like the prettiest girl at the Google Pageant these days. First the city gets chosen as the starting location for Google Fiber, the company’s project to broaden access to and increase the speed of the internet, and now it looks as if the largest city in Missouri may get to be the first place to …

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Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off?

We’ve heard it before and nothing happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t, right? I’m referring to the idea of Internet TV that has, up to this point, failed to really take off. But, is 2012 the year that this trend could change? There is a lot of speculation and rumors that indicate that it could.

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