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The Web Can Be A Dangerous Place: Learn To Protect Yourself

Malware, phishing scams and other dangerous entities are all over the Web these days. A report from earlier this month said 2013 was going to be even worse than 2012 in regards to the proliferation of malware across the net. It’s now more important than ever to protect yourself, but perhaps you don’t know how. That’s where these helpful tips …

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How WhosHere Is Helping Users Connect and Law Enforcement Fight Crime

With so many deals, coupons, and social activity revolving around location, it’s not really surprising that popular location-aware app WhosHere recently exceeded 3 million downloads. According to Stephen Smith, the co-founder of myRete, which is the maker of WhosHere, the downloads have increased 53 percent since the first of the year.

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Virginia Schools To Teach Internet Safety

In an effort to prepare children and teens for the potential stranger danger on the Internet, Virginia is the first state to make Internet safety classes for all grade levels.

It’s hard being first and one might imagine all 49 pairs of eyes (assuming one set of eyes per state, of course) will be on Virginia to see how educators implement the program, the messages used, and the methods by which the program is evaluated.

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Kids Online Activities Risky

A survey by Software Company Symantec found that the types of Internet activity children are involved in online could be more risky than their parents expect.

 The survey found that 6 percent of parents believed their children had had an online encounter with a stranger but 16 percent of U.S. children reported being contacted while online by a stranger.

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MySpace’s Principles for Social Networking

As promised, MySpace makes a big announcement today about “Internet safety.” And no, it has nothing to do with not tripping over your power cord.

Naturally, MySpace’s Internet safety announcement is about increasing privacy and safety for its minor members. ReadWriteWeb reports that the updated features will include:

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