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If You’re Going to Rob an Internet Cafe, You Should Probably Log Out of Facebook

Few things have come along in the last century that have given the population the opportunity to display such a high level of idiocy quite like Facebook. Of course, people all around the world have been doing stupid things for hundreds and hundreds of years – but ever since Facebook popped up and started making everything public, it just feels …

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Cyber Cafe Users Gang Up on Thief

Feeling less than empowered this Hump Day, maybe even a little picked on? Here’s a video that’ll restore your faith in humanity–or, well, at least your faith in a gang of nerdier types to put the hurt on a thief: Revenge Of The Nerds – Watch More Funny Videos This video does leave a bunch of questions unanswered, though. It …

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Taiwanese Corpse Among Gamers At Internet Cafe

If you’re gaming hardcore for a few hours you can feel dead tired afterwards. Well, apparently one guy really was dead tired after his game session, but I’m placing more emphasis on the dead part rather than tired. While playing video games, a Taiwanese man died of cardiac arrest due to low temperatures. It was reported that the man checked …

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