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Burn Hot, Burn Fast – Skype’s PR Demise?

I like Skype. I like the woman that initially launched the service via PR, and she did an amazing job.

Vista Will Not Support EFI

Microsoft revealed at the Intel Developer Forum on Friday that no 32-bit Windows system would ever support Extensible Firmware Interface, dashing hopes that dual-booting Vista and Mac OS X would be a lot easier.

AMD Gains, Intel Loses

As AMD scores a hot deal with Google to provide the Opteron chips in the new hardware it buys, Intel sees its share of the server market dip, and its financials and stock price follows.

Google Breaks Free From Intel With AMD

New servers purchased by Google will contain Opteron processors from AMD instead of models from Intel, an analyst firm said.

AMD Legal On Line For Skype

Lawyers at chip maker AMD are very curious as to why the Skype VoIP service permits 10-way conference calls from Intel dual-core processor machines, but only 5-way calls from AMD dual-core equipped computers.

Apple: 50 Percent Of Line Runs Intel

Amid all the excitement over Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ announcement of a new Mac mini and the iPod Hi-Fi, many missed one bit of news about Apple’s transition to Intel processors.

Intel Still Focus Of South Korean Inquiries

Previous visits by investigators in South Korea on Intel’s rebate and marketing programs have been scheduled, but the most recent visit came unannounced.

Google Snatches A9 Chief

Google has hired away Udi Manber, chief algorithms officer at Amazon’s A9 and former Yahoo chief scientist.

Google Snags A9 Chief, Amazon Replaces Him with Intel VP

Google has added another search engineering superstar to its talent roster snagging Udi Manber, the suddenly former CEO of Amazon’s search engine A9.com.

AMD Can Subpoena Firms For Intel Suit

Third parties that received subpoenas from AMD for its antitrust case against Intel had been reluctant to comply, citing non-disclosure agreements with Intel.

Vanderpool, Intel Dual Core VT and Intel Macs

I (and a few others) been blabbering about this for a while but it seems that very few people are really aware of what is about to happen here.

Transforming Corporate Identities
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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas certainly was the place this week for many companies to announce a dazzling array of new tech products, alliances and ventures.

Intel Drops Broadband TV Bomb

The most recognizable Grandpa story involves a multi-mile trek to a one-room schoolhouse in the most oppressive inclement weather up a spinning hillbarefoot. Let me be the first to call it. Intel and a bunch of others have just delivered our generation’s Grandpa story.

AOL Gets Its Viiv On With Intel

Video and other entertainment on demand for Intel Viiv-based PCs emerged as a new digital entertainment service partnership from CES 2006.

Google and Intel Join Forces

From the press release

Podtech Gets Intels CEO on Podcast

John Furrier continues to rock and roll the podcasting world.

AMD Rubbing Intel In Processor Race

The problem when you’re at the top is there’s only one place to go and computer chip leviathan Intel may be experiencing something akin to a descent, at least for now. Intel dominated the computer chip market for years but while their earnings were very good, they are losing their grasp to rival AMD for the moment and it’s not done yet.

AMD Sends Subpoenas For Intel Info

The antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD against Intel now sees legal requests for more information zipping around the tech world.

Intel Finds Hermon A Home With RIM

Everyone’s favorite push email devices from Research In Motion will contain Intel’s XScale platform.

Intel, Microsoft Still Backing HD DVD

The top two tech companies in the world will announce their continued support for the HD DVD blue laser format.

AMD, Intel Duel Over Dual-Cores

Dell will introduce a line of servers using the Intel dual-core Xeon, while AMD has increased the speed of its dual-core line.