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Steve Jobs Says Apple Will Use Intel Chips

A decision that was eleven years in the making became official during the opening of the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference.

Apple Plus Intel Equals Surprised Mac Community

A rumor from mid-May about a possible switch from IBM to Intel chips may be about to become fact at today’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Pentium Is Mac Daddy: Intel and Apple Process Together

Steve Jobs confirmed today what’s been floating around for sometime: that Intel would be the supplier for Apple computers starting in 2006 and be fully integrated by 2007.

Why Did Apple Switch To Intel?

John Gruber is asking why I can’t reveal technical details on the Apple decision to switch from IBM to Intel processors.

AMD Says Intel Dual-Core Not Really Dual-Core

AMD’s senior VP for worldwide sales and marketing speaking at Taiwan’s Computex raises doubts about Intel’s competing product.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Challenges Intel In Dual-Core

The processor war continues on the dual-core front, as AMD brings its dual-core processor to market against Intel.

Intel Inside Mini Machine

Something old is new again, as Intel displays the small Pandora PC concept last seen in March.

Intel Unleashes Pentium D

Intel Corp. has announced the follow-up to its Pentium processor Extreme Edition, which was its first multi-core processor. The new dual-core processor for use in desktop PCs is called the Pentium D.

Intel Launches Two New Dual-Core Products

Aimed at making a transition to widely used multicore processing, Intel released its sequel to the Pentium Extreme Edition, Pentium D.

Intel Focuses On Shipping 1 Million Dual-Cores

The chipmaker expects to deliver that number of dual-core processors to the consumer market by year’s end.

Will Apple Switch To Intel?
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Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Computer was in talks with Intel leading to speculation that Apple may put Intel chips in its Macs.

Apple To Sport Intel Inside Stickers

Though Apple publicly refers to a switch from IBM to Intel chips as rumors and speculation, the two companies have been talking over the years.

Intel Desktop PC Platform Seeks More Corporate Business

A slate of new features for corporate desktop users will be in a new platform available later this month.

Intel, Sprint, Join On WiMAX

The chipmaker and the telecom company want to offer hardware and services for the proposed wireless broadband standard.

Intel Experiments With Desktops

Their funded virtual desktop project at Cambridge University has become a Silicon Valley startup, and Intel is tweaking its chips to take advantage of their work.

Gates Admonishes US Universities

Citing tougher US immigration laws, the proliferation of Asian (specifically Chinese) engineering, and a declining number of US engineering grads, Bill Gates issued a warning to educational institutions that the US is in danger of losing its leading technological status.

Intel Sees Mobile Graphics Lead Grow Over ATI

Chipmakers ATI, Nvidia, both see declines as Intel’s Centrino line gets a new addition.

Intel Takes a Wrong Turn on Dual Core Highway

Here’s the cold, hard truth. Careful, it stings a bit. Intel, though seeming to finish first in the release of multicore processing, rushed itself to the market on the wrong racetrack.

Pay Up, Intel

1965 issue of Electronics magazine containing Dr. Gordon Moore’s article where “Moore’s Law” is first mentioned is found in the home of a Surrey engineer.

WiMax; where wires wont go

Internet on a donkey. Internet in a tent. Lord, almost anywhere. Everybody’s on the wagon, ready to brave the frontier of ethereal messaging and downloading.

Intel Revenue Boosted Up 17%

Intel announced first-quarter revenue of $9.4 billion, up 17 percent year-over-year and down 2 percent sequentially.