Intel Articles

AMD Tries To Break Intel Chokehold

AMD filed an antitrust suit to attempt to break the “chokehold” they assert Intel has on the processor market. They claim numerous anti-competitive moves Intel has made in the past up to an including threats to computer companies for electing to use AMD products in any form or fashion.

Apple Goes Dual-Chip For The Macintosh

The era of the single processor Power Mac G5 has come to a close, and future machines will have dual-chips.

Apple And Intel, Sitting In A Tree

For this lifelong Macintosh fanatic, the urge to react to the news that Apple would be making the switch to Intel processors over the course of the next year had to be suppressed for a few weeks.

Intel Considers the Future of Wi-Fi

Last week, Intel announced that it has developed chip technology designed to support current Wi-Fi standards as well as projected ones.

Intel Develops Chip Technology to Take Wi-Fi Support To the Next Level

Yesterday Intel announced that it has developed chip technology made for supporting current and future Wi-Fi standards.

Intel Tunes Up New Radio Chip

Researchers for the chipmaker have developed a prototype all-CMOS dual-band radio chip supporting all flavors of Wi-Fi.

Intel May Be Inside India Or Vietnam

The chipmaker plans to build a new $400 million chip assembly and production plant in Southeast Asia.

Will Apple and Intel Make It Work?

As you probably know by now, Apple recently announced that it entered a partnership with Intel in which Apple will use Intel chips in its Macintosh computers.

Intel Releases New C++ and Fortran Compilers

Intel has announced some new tools for software developers to aid with building threaded applications, and get the most out of apps on multi-core platforms.

Nokia and Intel Look To Standardize WiMAX Technology

Nokia and Intel are aiming to standardize WiMAX technology. The two companies are working together to speed up its development and deployment.

Speculations Made About Apple’s Relationship With Intel

Recently Apple announced a partnership with Intel. Apple has started using Intel chips in its Macintosh computers, and by 2007 all Apple computers will utilize them.

Nokia and Intel Team Up On WIMAX Development

Nokia and Intel announced that they are working together to speed up the development, and deployment of WIMAX technology to bring new capabilities to mobile users over high-speed broadband networks.

WiMAX Alliance: Intel And Nokia

Big names will give the nascent broadband wireless standard a big push toward widespread acceptance.

Intel Raises Its Expectations

As demand continues to be strong for notebook products, Intel has revised its sales forecast for the second quarter. Before it had predicted sales between $8.6 billion to $9.2 billion.

Apple And Intel Merger Theorized

Legendary pundit Robert X. Cringely thinks there’s more to Apple’s switch to Intel chips besides giving developers a headstart on porting applications.

Apple Generates Interest With Intel Switch

In a little-noticed development at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference, the company’s CEO disclosed a hardware change.

Is Apples Intel Switch the Beginning of a Cinderella Story?

For years the Mac was a highly specialized PC, ignored by most, but loved by certain industry aficionados. But no matter how dearly adored it was for its stability, security, and usefulness in the layout and design professions, it didn’t have the appeal that came with heavy hitter Microsoft and Windows OS.

Apple Keys Intel Switch On Rosetta

Software translation of Macintosh applications designed for the PowerPC platform will let old program run on the Intel Mac.

Google Now Worth $80 Billion

John Battelle notes that Google’s market capitalization is now just north of 80 billion dollars, making it the largest media company on the planet, overtaking Time Warner.

New Lenovo Tablet PC shows why Steve Jobs is switching to Intel

To understand why Steve Jobs fired IBM you need to look no further than the Lenovo Thinkpad T41 Tablet PC.

Black Duck Gets Nest Feathered By Red Hat, Intel

A $12 million USD round of financing has the software compliance management company ready to expand.