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Inhalable Insulin Approved By The FDA

For people suffering from diabetes, getting the insulin they need can be an inconvenient task. Most people are forced to give themselves shots in order to help regulate their blood sugar, and many long for an easier and more convenient …

Insulin Pump Sensors Reduce Hypoglycemia, Shows Study

A new study published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that certain sensors on insulin pumps can significantly decrease hypoglycemic episodes in those with type 1 diabetes. The sensors in question detect when blood sugar …

Insulin Treatments for Diabetes May Become Obsolete

Type-1 diabetes is a medical condition in which patients suffer from a deficiency of insulin, produced in the islets of Langerhans region of the pancreas. Insulin is responsible for regulating the metabolism of energy in the body, primarily in the …

Thinking Makes You Fat
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You’d think with all the technological wonders being announced daily that somebody would come up with a Nutty Professor-like weight loss potion eventually. Likely “they” are working on it and are personally invested in it because “they” have likely gotten fat, too, thanks to the computer age.