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INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook Phone” Gets Foursquare Integration INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook Phone” Gets Foursquare Integration

A Facebook phone has been spotted in the wild. Well, actually in the hands of Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley. Today, at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt 2011, Crowley made an announcement about Foursquare and the INQ Cloud Touch smartphone. The INQ Cloud …

Most Influential Twitter Users Named

It’s an odd little ecosystem in which a Scottish fellow most people haven’t heard of ranks above the President of the United States, celebrities worth gazillions of dollars, and, well, everybody.  But that’s the state of things on Twitter, according to a new report from INQ that named Mashable’s CEO, Pete Cashmore, the "top international influencer."

Facebook Phone Surfaces
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3 Mobiles has unveiled the first "Facebook phone," though in all fairness, it is more of a "Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Last.fm, Skype Phone." The phone comes from a new manufacturer called INQ, and is made exclusivley for the UK-based provider3 Mobiles.

The phone called simply the INQ¹, is being touted as the world’s most advanced social networking phone. It provides one-click access to Facebook features and integrates the other aforementioned services into the heart of the phone.