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Anonymous Timeline Alleges #AntiSec an FBI Creation Anonymous Timeline Alleges #AntiSec an FBI Creation
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Affiliates of the Anonymous movement are no stranger to FBI infiltration. Now, however, the hackers and their supporters are wondering if the #AntiSec group was not only infiltrated by federal investigators, but whether the group was itself a creation of …

Anonymous Attacks Vatican For Third Time in One Week

It’s been a hard past week for the Vatican’s online presence. Since members of Anonymous declared war on religion last Monday, and as a part of the latest retaliatory cyber attacks following the indictment of several suspected hackers, Vatican servers …

Symantec Confirms Norton Antivirus Source Code Leak Symantec Confirms Norton Antivirus Source Code Leak

Symantec has confirmed the authenticity of a segment of Norton AntiVirus 2006 source code leaked to the internet last week. The stolen code was leaked to The Pirate Bay as a part of retaliatory attacks by hackers affiliated with the …

UK Hacker Arrested, Accused of Trying to Retrieve Info of Women Who Received Abortions
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Today the Scotland Yard arrested a 27-year-old who claims to have links to the hacktivist group, Anonymous, on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act. The Metropolitan police’s central e-crime unit was granted a search warrant for the suspect’s …

UK Aims to Stop Hackers by Banning Tools

In what could be a bad day for United Kingdom pen testers, stress testers, and other systems security folks, the UK is getting ready to ban the creation and distribution of tools that could be used by hackers. This generally unpleasant concept could make it not only impossible to create the next nessus or nmap by anyone in the UK, it could also send them to jail for distributing the tools they make as well.

This ought to set back UK computer security by decades.