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Facebook Friend Requests: to Accept or Not to Accept?

Facebook is approaching that point of critical mass when it will soon completely converge onto our so-called real lives and everyone we know in First Life will also be people we are linked to on Facebook Life. As we lurch forward into this future, you will get Facebook friend requests from people who… eh, well, people who you might be …

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Print Media, Video Stores Slipping Into Obsolescence

Old guard media like newspapers and printed books have not sustained well into the digitized age of information. E-books are selling more than print books and newspapers can’t seem to find a way to keep from revenues from scraping the bottom of the well. Even the cozy neighborhood mainstay of movie rental stores are quickly disappearing from the street fronts …

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Twitter Or Facebook: Who Has Sexier (And More Sexed) Users?

Your preferred social media site may indicate whether or not you got some sexy results for Valentine’s Day yesterday, according to a new survey from Euro RSCG. The poll, which the digital agency conducts every year, found that Twitter brings the people looking for exciting adventures in sex and romance; or, rather, those Indiana Joneses of promiscuity tend to gravitate …

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