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‘Too Many Cooks’ Reminds Us That Facebook Is Really Slow At Rolling Out Graph Search Features

A lot of people are talking about “Too Many Cooks“. Maybe you’ve heard. It’s been trending on Twitter all weekend and throughout Monday. If you’re on Twitter, you can easily see what people are saying about it, from people you follow and celebrities to the common folk of the Twitterverse. A lot has been said, and some fun content is …

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Kevin Trudeau: Prosecutors Want 10-Year Sentence

Kevin Trudeau, the TV pitchman known for touting his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About could face 10 years in prison if prosecutors have their way. Convicted back in November for criminal contempt, he aired infomericals touting his book 32,000 times in violation of a court order. Defense attorneys believe Trudeau–who has served time …

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Kevin Trudeau Found Guilty Of Contempt

It looks like “they” finally got the best of TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau. On Tuesday, Trudeau was found guilty of criminal contempt. Trudeau was accused of giving false information in many of his ads and best-selling diet books, most notably The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About. In 2004 he had been barred by a judge …

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An Accurate Description of Every Infomercial You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

Anyone who has ever been burdened by insomnia knows that most infomercials follow a certain script – no matter what the product is that they’re trying to sell. It’s a pretty basic routine: You’re going to want this product that fixes some first word problem that you didn’t even know you had. Oh yeah, and you can get more for …

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