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Khloe Kardashian Wasn’t Trying for Lamar Odom’s Baby

Khloe Kardashian wasn’t trying to get pregnant with Lamar Odom’s baby during the past several months of her marriage to the NBA player, and she definitely isn’t pregnant now. In fact, she was even blowing off doctor’s appointments she had previously made to deal with infertility issues as well. This information comes from a conversation sister Kim Kardashian had with …

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Identical Triplets: Another Rare Case of Natural Conception

Yet another rare birth of identical triplets occurred in Long Beach, Calif. Just a few months ago, Tom and Hannah Hepner gave birth to three baby girls on November 22 at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Northern California. According to medical examinations, the fertilization of identical triplets usually only occurs by infertility treatment. Even then, multiple births are rare but because …

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Fertility Treatments Linked to Asthma in Children

A new study has shown that asthma was more common in children born after fertility treatments than those conceived naturally. The study found that five-year-old children born to “sub-fertile parents” were more likely to have asthma, wheezing, and to be taking anti-asthmatic medication. “Sub-fertile” parents were define as those who tried for at least one year before successful conception or …

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Cancer Survivors Urged to Make Sperm Bank Follow-ups

New research presented at the Fertility 2013 conference this week in Liverpool, England shows that many male cancer patients are not getting sufficient advice about their future fertility. Though sperm banking is often recommended for men diagnosed with cancer, many of them do not follow up with fertility advice. In the case of men in the U.K., this could mean …

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