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Google Maps’ New App To Improve “You Are Here” Blue Dot To Indoor Maps

When Google Maps for Android started providing indoor maps for facilities like malls and airports, it came equipped with the helpful “You Are Here” blue dot that indicated to, yes, indeed, you are in fact here. Google Maps has since decided that maybe they can improve upon that function, though, since the indoors can be a hairy place to navigate …

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CES 2012: Google Maps Indoors Of Las Vegas Hotels

If maps were money then Google would be makin’ it rain this year at CES: Vegas Edition. Let’s recap: first they rolled out the Google Maps function to provide indoor floor plans for assorted airports and shopping centers. Then they customized Maps to display the convention center lay-out for CES ’12 so attendees can more easily locate booths. The combination …

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Google Maps Indoors Of CES 2012, Makes Sure You Cannot Get Lost

It’s official: you cannot get lost anymore. Even if you throw yourself into the tidal foot traffic of a convention such as CES this week, where you should be easily swept away by the frenzied tech fiends, you cannot get lost. Well, not unless you try. What makes it so difficult to lose your way this year at the tech …

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