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Yahoo Tries Glue Pages In India
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Anyone who’s ever found traditional search results to be a little one-dimensional should be glad to hear that Yahoo’s addressing the issue.  Something called Glue Pages Beta slaps together normal search results, Google Blog Search results, Yahoo Answers results, HowStuffWorks articles, Wikipedia entries, Flickr images, and YouTube videos all in one place.

YouTube Rolled Out In India

YouTube has launched a localized version of its site in India.

The India YouTube will feature regional and localized content with a search hompage that focuses on videos and links related to India. The content uploaded by users in India would appear as top favorite videos and recommended content on the site.

"We are very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to India considering the passion of users here for music and entertainment." said Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube.

MySpace Proud Of Overseas Progress
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If you thought MySpace was an American phenomenon, you thought wrong.  The company wants you to know that it’s been successful in all sorts of countries, and is continuing to expand throughout the world.

Yahoo Launching Research Lab In India

If, in its effort to simplify and streamline, you were expecting Yahoo to shut down some overseas operations, you may still be right.  Serious cuts shouldn’t take place in India, however – Yahoo is creating a new research lab in this country.

Google.org, Partners Create Indian Investment Company
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Its current designation – we won’t call it a name – lacks imagination, to say the least.  But Google.org, the Soros Economic Development Fund, and Omidyar Network have created an entity that should be of great help to small- to medium-sized Indian businesses.

Who Knew? Yahoo Continuing To Hire

In the midst of an absolute flood of them, we’ve got another trickle of firings to report: 40 people were let go by Yahoo India.  The truly strange part, though, is that Yahoo India is still looking to add over 500 new employees.

Countries Getting Internet Back After Cable Cutting
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We’re still waiting to hear what caused damage to several underwater Internet cables; it’s likely to be either especially interesting (in an apocalyptic, WWIII sense) or completely mundane (think rusty old anchors).  But either way, affected nations are getting their access back.

Expect Egyptian and Indian Traffic to Tank

Webmasters who target Indian, Egyptian, and/or Middle Eastern users may see a considerable drop in traffic from those countries over the next week and a half to two weeks. An undersea cable network was somehow cut, causing massive Internet blackouts in the area.

Reuters reports that what severed the underwater cables is yet unknown, but as much as 70 percent of Egypt’s network was affected, and a 50-60 percent drop in bandwidth in India.

India’s Mobile Market Growing Stronger

The U.S. search market appears to be pretty much wrapped up.  Neither Yahoo nor Google is especially strong in mobile matters, though, and the fight becomes even more of a tossup in India, where mobile services are expected to assume “a high growth trajectory.”

Yahoo India Gets A Friend In Jagran Group

Dainik Jagran claims to be “India’s largest read daily with a total readership of 53.6 million readers.”  And that means a lot of eyeballs could soon see the name Yahoo, as Yahoo India has launched a site with the Jagran Group.

Google Tightens Bond With Indian VCs

Aside from the U.S., I’d say that India is probably Google’s favorite country.  Now Google’s showing it an extra bit of love by investing in two venture capital funds.

MSN Revamps MSN India Portal
MSN India re-launches with a cutting-edge new design and new options and features. One of the new options include choosing either to view a narrow or a wide layout.

Yahoo Launches oneSearch SMS In India

Social security numbers, employee numbers, phone numbers, savings accounts, checking accounts – there are far too many digits we’re all supposed to remember.  Still, if Yahoo fans in India can remember five more, they’ll be able to use the new oneSearch SMS service.

Google Takes On Indian Parliament

The recommendation of an Indian parliamentary committee threatens to change the wording in proposed legislation that would hold Google and other service providers accountable for content traversing their system.

YouTube Intends To Invade India
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The timing’s a little vague, but according to one of the company’s executives, an official YouTube.in site will go live within the next six months.

Google Search Available On SMS In India
As seen on ‘agencyfaqs!‘, Google has initiated an SMS-based search service in India. Now, mobile users can use Google SMS by searching the company’s short code, 54664.

Yahoo Hosts Open Hack Day In Bangalore

Yahoo’s intent on expanding its market share in India, and the company is also interested in finding useful new odds and ends.  In an effort to do both at once, Yahoo hosted Open Hack Day in Bangalore this past weekend.

Bank Of India Site Co-Opted By Malware

Although Alex Eckelberry of Sunbelt Software believes fully patched IE and Firefox systems should be safe from the corrupted Bank of India website, it’s probably best to avoid the site until a massive malware problem has been corrected.

Orkut Called “Youth Icon”

I’ve found that, in the U.S., I’m likely to hear “or-what?” after uttering the word “Orkut.”  Google’s social network is quite popular overseas, however, and this status was recently confirmed when Orkut was chosen as the Youth Icon of 2007 in a contest sponsored by MTV India and Pepsi.

Google Gives India Semi-Functional Gifts

Earlier this week, Google promised India a birthday present (the country is celebrating its 60th year of independence).  Now two new gadgets have surfaced in Google India Labs, and while they may or not be the gift in question, they’re definitely worth a look.

Google Celebrates India’s 60th

Time zones aside, India achieved its independence exactly 60 years ago, and the country is now in the midst of numerous celebrations.  So is Google, for that matter; Orkut, YouTube, and various branches of the central company have all given their congratulations to India.

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