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How To Use Google’s New Blocked Resources Report

Google just introduced a new Webmaster Tools feature called the Blocked Resource Report, aimed at helping webmasters find and resolve issues where Google can’t use images, CSS, or JavaScript that has been blocked. Blocked resource prevent pages from rendering properly, and Google wants to make sure you’re only blocking what you really want/need to be. The report provides the names …

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Google Adjusts Index Status Data In Webmaster Tools

Google announced an adjustment to the way sites’ index status data appears in Webmaster Tools. The index status feature now tracks a site’s indexed URLs for both HTTP and HTTPS as well as for verified subdirectories. In the past, it didn’t show data for HTTPS sites independently. Everything was included in the HTTP report. The move makes a great deal …

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Google Says It Will Follow Five Redirects At The Same Time When Crawling

About a year ago, Google put out a Webmaster Help video discussing PageRank as it relates to 301 redirects. Specifically, someone asked, “Roughly what percentage of PageRank is lost through a 301 redirect?” Google’s Matt Cutts responded, noting that it can change over time, but that it had been “roughly the same” for quite a while. “The amount of PageRank …

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Google Re-Indexes Digg After Spam Removal Screwup

Wednesday afternoon, Digg disappeared from Google. Vanished. Gone. It was clear that Google had de-indexed Digg, but why? To what end? Was it because Digg had just announced plans to build a Google Reader clone to satisfy angry users when Google kills the product on July 1st? Was Google just being a dick? No, conspiracy theories were put to rest …

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Bing Might Be Dropping The Number Of URLs It Indexes

As Google’s Penguin update is having its fun, Bing has been relatively calm. There has not been a major update in a few months and everything seems perfect. Well, everything used to be perfect. There’s a member on Webmaster World that noticed Bing was indexing fewer pages on his site. This wasn’t a small change either. Bing used to index …

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Experimental Search Engine Removes Top Million Sites From Your Results

Do you ever feel the search results that Google yields are too mainstream? Are you looking to explore the cavernous, cobweb-laden outer reaches of the interwebs? If you want to spend some time on some deep discovery, Million Short might be your ticket. Million Short’s name says it all. It’s a search engine that brings back results that are a …

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