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Vivica A. Fox Confirmed for ‘Independence Day 2,’ What About Will Smith?

Vivica A. Fox has gone from Donald Trump’s boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice back to the big screen. The actress has signed on to star in Independence Day 2. What about Will Smith? Will he appear in the fit film’s sequel, …

Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth to Star in ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth will reportedly star in the upcoming Independence Day sequel. Will Smith–star of the original film–won’t be joining the cast. Jeff Goldblum has long been a fan favorite, and starred in the original film as David …

‘House Of Cards’ Season 3: Beau Willimon Gives ‘Sneak Peak’ (Yes, ‘Peak’) ‘House Of Cards’ Season 3: Beau Willimon Gives ‘Sneak Peak’ (Yes, ‘Peak’)

Beau Willimon, showrunner on Netflix’s House of Cards, tweeted a “sneak peak” of the first scene of the third season today. Something about it sounds familiar. A sneak peak of the first scene of Season 3 of @HouseofCards –> pic.twitter.com/DuzAGyNmFQ …

Celebrate America’s Birthday With This Saint’s Row IV Trailer

In Saint’s Row IV, players take on the role of the U.S. president. It’s only fitting then that the game celebrate Independence Day with a new trailer full of sex, violence and text-based adventure games. It looks like Saints Row …

Independence Day Gets a Much-Deserved Honest Trailer
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For people my age, one of the first major summer blockbusters that we remember seeing, and subsequently loving, is 1996’s Independence Day. It had it all – exploding national landmarks, aliens, Jeff Goldblum, drunk Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Goldblum reprising his …

White People’s Day: Chris Rock Joke Sparks Backlash
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White People’s Day took place on July 4th, according to comedian Chris Rock, who tweeted a joke to his legion of followers that has not settled too well with a large selection of the populace. Since the former “Saturday Night …

San Diego’s Fireworks Fail: I Feel Bad, But It’s Just So Funny [Video]
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In a clear case of premature explosion, the city of San Diego really jumped the gun on their fireworks show. Their annual “Big Bay Boom Firework Show,” which is supposed to last around 15-20 minutes actually wound up starting and …

4th of July Celebrated in Latest Google Doodle 4th of July Celebrated in Latest Google Doodle
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Little did our forefathers know that, when they declared independence from the crown in 1776, they would lay the groundwork for a federal holiday that has become associated with beer, barbeque, and fireworks. Then again, maybe they knew precisely what …

4th of July Fireworks Safety, And The Idiots That Fail At It 4th of July Fireworks Safety, And The Idiots That Fail At It
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Did you know that in 1997, The United States was averaging 8 injuries per 100,000 pounds of fireworks purchased. That number has been on the decline since then, and in 2008 Americans only injured themselves 3.4 times per 100,000 pounds …

July 4th Marketing Ideas

This weekend is the celebration of the American Independence Day on July 4th and if you have ever lived or travelled to America on this date, you know that the day is typically celebrated with BBQs and fireworks. Across the nation, people get ready for traditions that have remained largely unchanged. As the big day dawns, though, there are several ways that social media and particularly social media tools on mobile devices could transform the day for the digitally connected – and offer a great promotional idea for the right brand in the process.

Google Gives India Semi-Functional Gifts

Earlier this week, Google promised India a birthday present (the country is celebrating its 60th year of independence).  Now two new gadgets have surfaced in Google India Labs, and while they may or not be the gift in question, they’re definitely worth a look.

Google Celebrates India’s 60th

Time zones aside, India achieved its independence exactly 60 years ago, and the country is now in the midst of numerous celebrations.  So is Google, for that matter; Orkut, YouTube, and various branches of the central company have all given their congratulations to India.