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Minimum Wage Hike: Will There Be More Jobs or Less? Minimum Wage Hike: Will There Be More Jobs or Less?
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According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted by Langer Research Associates, two-thirds of the United States populace supports an increase in minimum wage. Many claim that basic livelihood necessities cannot be met with the current payment structure in …

$11.50 Minimum Wage: Sound Nice? $11.50 Minimum Wage: Sound Nice?
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Community leaders in Seattle have vocalized desires to raise minimum wage, and now leaders in Maryland have instigated the process to implement policies that increase wages. Presently, the federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour though some states …

Study: Money Doesn’t Protect People From Toxicants, Just Changes Them

It’s a simple assumption that those with greater means will be able to live cleaner, healthier lives away from pollution with access to better foods. A new study, however, shows that even the rich are not immune to toxicants that …

Poor Planning Skills Could Hold People Back, Shows Study

While the grades gap between children from rich and poor families has been attributed to a variety of factors over the years, a new study shows that poor planning skills could be a major factor in the so-called income-achievement gap. …

Poorest State in America Revealed by the U.S. Census Bureau
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The U.S. Census Bureau recently released estimates from its 2011 American Community Survey showing that Mississippi is the poorest state in the U.S., with a median household income of only $36,919. Last month it was revealed by the U.S. Centers …

Judging Monetary Success Of A Blog

The trend among some top bloggers is to publish monthly earning reports showing how much income they have generated the previous month.

While it may seem impressive to earn $1,000, $5,000 or even $35,000 a month from your blogging efforts, I feel that the raw number can be a crude way of judging the “success” of your blog and will not be as meaningful as using other metrics.