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EPA Says Rolling Coal Is Illegal

If you’ve ever been stopped at a red light behind or beside a big truck, you know well the scramble to roll up the windows when that behemoth starts rolling and exhaust comes spewing from its stacks. If, like me, you are not given to fits of road rage, you figure this is an innocent side effect of driving a …

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USDA Banning All Junk Food In Schools On July 1

Dear lovers of freedom, Say goodbye to your Sour Warheads, your gummy bears, your Wonder Balls, your Big League Chew, and putting Bugles on the end of your fingertips – they’re gone. Well, at least in your public school system. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is tightening the belt of school systems nationwide with their Smart Snacks in School …

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Horses Viagra: Trainer’s Phallic Pharmaceutical Fail

That’s right. The blue pill isn’t just for wanderers of The Matrix or elderly gentlemen whose furnace fires have fizzled to forlornly glowing embers over the years. At least, such was the logic of New Mexican racehorce trainer John Stinebaugh when he reportedly gave Viagra to his horses. Sildenafil citrate was found in the blood of Stinebaugh’s horses (whose names …

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Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope

Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal. The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently voted 8-1 in favor of outlawing baggy pants. The ordinance says that “appearing in public view while …

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Egyptian Government Institutes Pornography Ban

To quote Associate Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, “[I can’t define pornography], but i know it when I see it.” The question is, will the Egyptian government know it when it sees it? An Egyptian court has ruled to ban internet pornography in the country. The ruling was confirmed by the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and reported by Egypt Today. …

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“Operation Fake Sweep” Seizes More Than $4.8 million In Fake NFL Merchandise

As reported earlier by WebProNews, the Department of Justice seized several websites claiming to stream the Super Bowl live illegally. Now news has broken that “Operation Fake Sweep” has seized over 4.8 million dollars in fake merchandise along with the several sites that were seized. Fake jersey, hats, t-shirts and other NFL associated apparel were among items seized, according to …

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